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  • Even If You Hate IT, You’ll Love This Purrfect IT Themed Kitty Image

    I’m going to preface this article with a confession: I really, really do not like clowns. Not rodeo clowns, carnival clowns, and especially not clowns named Pennywise. Needless to say, IT was the movie of my nightmares as a child. I mean, really, a clown who lives in a gutter and lures in youngsters only […] More

  • Shelter Cats Star In Remake Of Pet Semetary

    Move over, Goose, Captain Marvel’s cat. 2019 is off to a star studded feline extravaganza with cats taking center stage in big name films so far this year. But these latest movie stars are not only gorgeous Maine Coon cats, they were once living the lonely shelter life before their big film debut. That’s right, […] More