15 Family Friendly Breeds For You To Rescue That Prove Not All Cats Are Jerks!

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Not all cats are jerks; even if their expressions say differently. It’s just that some people are what we call “cat people”. They love cats and could not imagine life without them. Unfortunately, others have fallen for urban legends and prefer dogs. But we disagree and believe everyone should have a cat in their life!

Now that NEVER means going to a breeder to pick out a “designer cat”! Shelters and TNR programs save thousands of discarded “breeder” felines each year. So when you’re visiting the shelter and recognize these rescued breeds, you may have an exciting glimpse at your future soulmate.

And there’s no animal more grateful than a rescued one.

Here are 15 breeds of cat will help prove that NO cats are jerks!

1) Abyssinian

Abyssinian are highly intelligent and love to explore their surroundings. They are frequently on the go however, they always find the time to cuddle with you. Keep lots of toys on hand to entertain this lovable feline. In return, you and your children will have plenty of entertainment.

2) Maine Coon

Maine Coon are definitely a family friendly cat breed that certainly proves  cats are not jerks! These majestic and loyal cats are calm, laid back, and have amazing mousing skills.

Although they are not aggressive to other cats or children, they will stand their ground when bringing in a new cat or dog.

But this massive feline may be one of the best picks for your family’s companion.

This might be one of the most affectionate cats that you can own, and the interesting thing is they don’t turn down affection given to them by anyone. Children, adults, other pets, they’d snuggle up to the affection.

Cassius the Maine Coon @FeliniousHops

3) Ragdoll

Ragdoll can be described in three words: Big, Beautiful, and friendly! Notably considered a favorite breed by cat lovers, being overly human affectionate and having big bright blue eyes makes this ball of fluff irresistible. Ragdoll are considered to be one of the largest cat breeds averaging anywhere from 10-20 pounds. Not only can you teach them fun games like fetch, but their playfulness will keep you smiling!

4) Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair, similar to Maine Coon, are often referred to as the “dog of cats.” With big personalities, being playful, affectionate, and independent, this breed is also a leading example how easy to disprove the cats are jerks theory. Especially since they can easily get along with other cats and dogs.

5) Manx

Manx are sweet cats with calm personalities. However, you cannot let that fool you! Their love for running and little energy bursts make them a fun time for all.

“The Manx is a rounded cat with a round head, round eyes, a roundness at the whisker pads, and a round rump”

Surprisingly, your family and friends will be accepted and loved equally by this amazing breed of cat.

6) Sphynx

Most notable for their hairless coat, Sphynx are full of love and crave human attention. For example, they love to entertain and are adorable acrobatic clowns. Known to be a loyal breed, they will spend much of their time at your side.

7) Ocicat

Said to have larger-than-life-personalities, Ocicats are playful and absolutely love attention!

Ocicats have large, almond-shaped eyes, moderately large ears and fairly long tails. Colors vary from brown and silver to blue and lavender. The cool thing though? Each hair contains more than one color.

As a result, they can be mischievous when left bored and alone for long periods of time. Having heightened energy levels and being highly intelligent they require a lot of stimulation. With this in mind, it is great to challenge them mentally and make sure they have exercise to keep them happy. Otherwise you may have a LOT more to deal with than expected.

8) Birman

Another purrfect example of why not all cats are jerks, are those with Birman genes. Not only are they a lot of fun, but they are also super loving and affectionate. Of course, both smart and friendly, Birman are also docile and quietly spoken. Make note that, this is likely due to the thousands years of domestication.

The coat of a Birman cat is soft and silky but not as difficult to deal with as that of the Persian. However, to help keep it this way, it does require grooming once a week with comb and brush. Birman cats groomed from any early age enjoy the extra human attention this regular activity brings.

9) American Bobtail

Did you know that American Bobtail’s have hearts of gold?! As well as their love for playing fetch, they can also learn tricks and enjoy puzzle toys. Due to their ability to adapt so easily, they make great traveling companions.

10) Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold are an expressive, sensitive, and active breed. Seeing as they are very sociable , it is best to have a companion around for this cat. In addition, it is a bonus that this breed gets along great with kids and can make you fall in love with ease.

11) American Curl

Generally speaking, the American Curl are a very loving breed of cat. They are playful and quite affectionate. Headbutts are a common trait that makes them fun for you and the kids! 

The ears, however, are the most intriguing characteristic. Straight when a kitten is born, they begin to curl back at two to 10 days after birth. They curl, uncurl and curl some more until reaching their permanent shape when a kitten is about 4 months old. 

12) Devon Rex

Officially having the coolest name among all others, is the Devon Rex. All together, they are a highly active breed full of energy. Ultimately, you will stay busy with this character. With this in mind, they will perform for you so long as you have treats to follow the act!

13) Persian

Persian cats are a very popular breed among cat lovers. On a positive note, if you love to hear a cat purr you a song, the Persian is a great choice for you. Although they can be soft spoken and extremely laid back, they are a well-rounded choice. Definitely not a jerk!

14) Burmese

Important to note that although Burmese are crazy energetic, they are also very friendly. Capable of being quite vocal, but with a soft and sweet voice.

The Burmese is often described as a “brick wrapped in silk,” a testament to his solid, muscular body.

Generally speaking, this breed of cat will keep you entertained during the day and cuddle with you at night. 

He gets along well with other cats and with dogs, but of course another Burmese will be his best pal.

15) Chartreux

While the Chartreux cat is loyal, elegant, and charming, they are most known for their unique look! Provided that you are looking for both friendly and outgoing, you will be quite impressed with this breed. In fact, it is common for this breed to get attached every member of the family. How great is that?!



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