Aries the Ambassador Cat Shows The World That Being Different Is A Good Thing

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Aries is a fighter, that’s for sure. His name comes from Greek mythology, the God of War. He was adopted by his humans, Joe and Tracy Pitisci, in March 2018. Since then, he’s leant his charm and adorable antics to inspire others. You see, Aries is different. But given his spunky personality, he doesn’t know it. Aries the Cat Ambassador has an important role to play in his nine lives. He inspires others and shows the world that special needs cats are no different.

And hopefully by doing so, he can inspire other cat lovers out there to adopt cats who are special needs, too.

Aries the Ambassador Cat

For Aries, he didn’t have the easiest start at life. Although he lives a healthy and fulfilled life now, he was born to a three-legged feral cat. But he, and his mother, found a home with the couple who adopted them both. Aries and his mother, who they named Diana, don’t have to live on the streets ever again.

Aries with his mama…

Aries the Ambassador Cat

Life has its challenges for a cat with twisted hind legs. But his humans do their best to help him when he needs it. After first taking him into the veterinarian as a kitten, it was suspected that his disability likely came as a result of an inherited congenital condition from his mother.

Aries the Ambassador Cat

And the once feral mama cat, Diana? Well, she slowly but surely has learned to trust and love the humans which put a roof over her head and taken in her baby boy:

“After many months of trust building, we are now able to pet and hold [Diana]. She was a great mom and is now affectionate, showing us the love that she once showed only to the kittens.”

Aries as a wee kitten, before meeting his forever humans:

Aries the Ambassador Cat

The couple believes that black cats are lucky, and they feel incredibly fortunate that they crossed paths with this special needs cat. Aries might be a bit unusual looking, but he’s quite extraordinary.

Together with his humans, he goes for adventures and proves to the world that he’s just like any other cat out there. He is playful, curious, loving, and excited to meet new people. If anything, his disability just makes him uniquely him and totally adorable.

Aries the Ambassador Cat enjoys going to the beach in Florida where he lives, too!

Aries the Ambassador Cat

Aries the Ambassador Cat

His Facebook account reads that he’s “an unusual kitty experiences life and love while advocating awareness for animal rescue.”
And his mission as an ambassador cat? “Demonstrating that even with a disability, life can be amazing!”
Although he has a job to do, he’s quite the ham for the camera, too! Just look at this handsome fellow…
Aries the Ambassador Cat
Aries the Ambassador Cat
Cheers to Aries for showing the world that being different is a good thing. And a special thank you to Joe and Tracy for giving him and his mother a home—and their heart.

If you’d like to keep up with Aries the Ambassador Cat, you can find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Aries the Ambassador Cat

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All Images Courtesy of Aries the Ambassador Cat

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