Friendly ‘CVS Cat’ Was Abandoned By Past Owners And Is Looking For A Home

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UPDATE 1/23/2020

CVS cat is now with a foster family where he’s living the good life. He’s getting plenty of treats, and he’s started to feel more comfortable around people. He’s still up for adoption, and anyone interested can fill out an application at The Philadelphia Inquirer has the details. 

Original Story

Take a trip to the CVS in the East Passyunk area of South Philly, and you have a good chance of being greeted by the store’s number one fan. He might have been called ‘Cosmo’ at one point in his life, but every one in town knows him by a different name. He’s ‘CVS cat,’ and he’s the best thing about shopping at the pharmacy. CVS cat has been visiting the store for years, but a change in circumstances is now putting his well-being at risk. His friends hope to find their furry shopping companion a new home.

A Long-Time Customer

CVS cat first started showing up at the local store a few years ago. At that time, he had a family and would follow them as they walked to run their errands. His family lived about a block away from CVS, and their cat would often follow them down the road like a well-trained dog. When they were finished at CVS, they would usually cross the street to get to Acme Market. CVS cat would wait patiently in the parking lot for his humans to exit the store, and then they’d all walk home together.

This routine went on for several years. The loyal cat was recognized in the neighborhood, and people knew that if they saw him alone, he had a home to go back to. But a few months ago, CVS cat started showing up to the store without his humans. His visits also started happening more often. It gradually got to the point where the cute tabby was visiting the store on a daily basis. 

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Seeking Safety

CVS employees and regular shoppers recognized this odd new routine and did some digging. Margaret Forline lives three blocks away from the CVS, and she found out that the cat’s family had moved to New Jersey. She told The Philadelphia Inquirer,

“They were an older couple, maybe in their 90s, and apparently they just left him behind.”

With his family gone and no home to go back to, CVS cat sought comfort and familiarity at the place he visited so often. The store turned into his safe place, and now he’s part of the family.

Most of the time, CVS cat likes to take naps on the stacks on newspapers just inside the automatic doors. And if he’s feeling active, he interacts with customers to help them do their shopping. Customer Aburey Backhues said,

“I was having a really bad day and was sick, so I went to CVS and found him near the entrance. He followed me inside and then started trailing me around as I went shopping. It was really cute to have this little kitty nuzzling my legs while picking out cough drops.”

CVS cat seems to serve as a personal shopping companion/therapy cat. He makes people smile and makes the sometimes stressful experience of having to visit the pharmacy a lot more enjoyable. 

cvs cat

CVS Cat Needs a Home

While the friendly kitty hangs out at CVS during the day, he can’t stay in the store at night when it’s closed. That’s why his friends are hoping to find him a home. Forline is his primary caretaker and shows up every evening to serve CVS cat his dinner. Customers also contribute to his meal costs, and CVS cat is never at risk of going hungry. It’s apparently a common occurrence for people to go into the store for one thing and come out with a few cans of cat food. 

The problem isn’t keeping the cat fed, it’s making sure he has shelter. He’s forced to leave his comfy spot on the newspapers every night. When the store is closed, he’s often seen wondering the street between his old house and the store. Some people think he hurts himself as he tries to get through the barbed wire around his former home’s yard.

While everyone enjoys seeing CVS cat at the store, they’d much rather see him go to a good home. They’re looking for someone who could give the cat access to the outdoors and preferably doesn’t have any other cats or small children. He’s social, but he doesn’t enjoy being picked up. 

h/t: The Philadelphia Inquirer


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