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These Two Rescue Pets Are Using Their Second Chance At Life For Adventure

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Henry and Baloo are two rescue pets that love to explore the world with their humans. But they weren’t always living the good life. This former shelter dog and cat were once lonely and afraid, hoping that special someone would swoop in and give them the second chance they deserved.

The first of these two thrill-seeking rescue pets was Henry, who was adopted as a pup at roughly 3.5 months of age.

From his very first hike, his humans could see that he was born for adventure. Shortly thereafter, Henry The Colorado Dog took Instagram by storm. But despite his loving humans and all the adventure and exploration he could ask for, Henry truly wanted a four-legged companion.

They wanted to add to their adopted family, but knew that they’d need to find the perfect adventure cat to come along for the ride. For three months they searched, until Cynthia, their human mama, found a the perfect little fellow they hoped would be the one.

As it turns out, they were right. And from that first meeting Henry + Baloo as their known as on Instagram was born.

The two rescue pets do everything together, and they are spending their second chance at life being the very best of friends who love to go out and seek adventure.

Their images are just as incredible as their adventures; it’s as if these rescue best buds were born to be photographed. Between the epic backdrops of colorful Colorado and their adorable poses together, it’s simply impossible to choose a favorite image!

“Henry + Baloo, you deserve to see the world and I feel crazy lucky that Iā€™m the human that gets to show it to you.”

Read these rescue pets’ heartwarming story below shared from their website,

We are a family of four based in Colorado, consisting of two humans ( Cynthia + Andre ), one dog ( Henry ), and one cat ( Baloo ) and we all live for adventure. From backpacking to canyoneering, Henry and Baloo always want to come along for the ride, so naturally, we started taking them everywhere.ā€‹

Our story really began when we adopted Henry, formally known as Buttercup, when he was just 3.5 months old. He convinced us to take him home within seconds, when he crawled into my lap going belly up right away. We took Henry on his very first hike that week and immediately he scaled the steepest rock to get a better view. Andre and I looked at each other and smiled. This was the mountain dog we had been dreaming of. Two and a half, adventure filled years later and Henry’s love for the outdoors only grew stronger. ā€‹

Now it was time to get Henry a friend, so we decided to adopt a kitten that could come on all of our adventures. Finding the right personality for an adventure cat turned out to be quite tricky, searching for three months before I met Baloo. As I walked into his room, he was the first out of his litter to jump off the chair and run up to me, begging to be picked up. During the hour I spent getting to know him we played, snuggled, and bonded. He was absolutely perfect for our family.

I adopted Baloo that day and as I walked out of the room to fill out the paperwork, I turned around to see Baloo standing up on the glass door staring out at me. I could only hope that Henry and Baloo would love each other as much as we love them. Turns out we got pretty lucky. 

Love is universal. Just look to Henry and Baloo.

Currently Exploring: Colorado

These rescue pets and their devoted humans are forever grateful for all the attention that they’ve received in just the two years that they’ve been a family. 

Want to keep up with these two amazing rescue pets on social media? Find them on Instagram here!

All Images Courtesy of Henry + Baloo on Instagram

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