Taxi Driver In Ukraine Brings His Cat Along For Fares

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I am totally obsessed with cats, that’s an obvious statement given the fact that I run a website dedicated to cats. When I’m traveling or have to call a cab, I never think to myself, “Wow, how cool would it be if there were a cat with me when I took my ride to me destination.”

For one cab driver in Ukraine named Oleksandr Zigulya, he thought to himself that his taxi service and his cab riders needed something purrfect to make them feel at ease and at home. So, what did he decide to do? Well, he figured he’d start taking his cat along with him to brighten his passengers’ day.

tea the taxi cat
Here’s Tea, flexing his feline charm!

And, it seems to be working, because now Oleksandr is receiving nearly 20 individual requests each day from people wanting to share a cab with Tea, his extremely fearless feline. The ginger tabby gets right in the vehicle, looking around curiously. And not only this, but Tea takes it upon himself to get on top of the hood while the car is in motion.

I personally would never, ever think to try this at home, or to subject my cats to this. AND hopefully he realizes how dangerous this is with the world watching his antics.

Want to see just how absolutely insane this is? Prepare to be quite shocked:

When picking up new fares, Oleksandr always keeps antihistamine pills on him in his vehicle for those who might be allergic to cats.

For those curious (or purely puzzled!) over Oleksandr’s inspiration behind bringing Tea along for the ride, he says that his goal is to provide his customers “with that warm, homey feeling, all that was missing was a blanket, a cat and a cup of tea.”

Tea came into his cat dad’s life two years ago when he was just a lonely kitten hanging out around a car repair service business. And it seems that he’s certainly found a unique life as a cat cabie. Let’s just hope that Tea remembers to practice precaution and keep all limbs and paws inside of the moving vehicle. And, remember little ginger kitty, those objects in the mirror are always closer than they appear!

What would you do if there was a cat in your next Uber or Lyft ride? This certainly gives new meaning to sharing a ride with a purrfect stranger!

Tea the taxi cat
Apparently it’s purrfectly okay for cats to cat nap on the clock!

Want to keep up with this taxi driver and the cat taxi? Follow them on Instagram @Cat_Taxi.

Oleksandr and Tea’s Instagram describes the duo as:

Cotto Taxi
Fun trips for your friends, kids birthday parties.
Leading with a cat to your event
Interregional taxi, sober driver

(I assumed you don’t read Ukrainian so I went ahead and translated that for ya, cat lovers!)

And remember folks, don’t try this at home…or anywhere!

All Images Courtesy of Taxi Cat on Instagram

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