Only Half The Size Of Her Litter Mates, Tiny “Baby’s Breath” Blossoms Into A Gorgeous Feline

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Most people would like to think that all the cute kittens that are born each year, have no issues and go on to live long, wonderful lives. Not quite. MOST kittens born each year are likely born on the streets. They fight to survive mother nature, other animals and sneaky viruses. Some are picked up by Animal Control and some are “rescued”. But it gets worse. The unfortunate kittens that are still bottle feeding or have medical issues are often euthanized. And this is simply because there is no one to care for “special needs” kittens. So when the notice went out for 4 kittens about to be put to sleep for having ringworm, it was no surprise to some. Happily, a brave soul stepped in to help. And for the runt of the group, only half the size of the others, that help is what saved her life twice.

But although the little girl’s body was half the size, her heart was just as full.

It was May 23rd when Andrea Budkis Christian received a message from another rescuer. Both volunteer with St. Francis Society Animal Rescue in Tampa, Florida but Andrea is a “cat whisperer”. She’s taken on more cases than we can count that revolve around injured and sick felines. So ringworm wasn’t going to scare her off!

When Andrea introduced the new quartet on her Instagram page @turtlecatfoster, you could instantly spot the differences in the 3-4 week old kittens. 

Urgent plea that these three were going to be euthanized due to ringworm! I agreed to add more CRAZY to my crazy life. The first three moo kitties are fat and no visible ringworm–then came the tiny black kitten and she is COVERED! 


Andrea took this opportunity to show everyone how to spot ringworm with her new “willing” patient. 

Posted by Andrea Budkis Christian on Thursday, May 23, 2019

Andrea immediately began treating the kittens for ringworm and intestinal parasites as they slowly started their healing process. They would remain in her foster home under her watchful and experienced eye. With so many kittens and cats entering her life, she has become very creative in naming them. 

These four would become known as “ringworm flower bunch”; Gardenia, Bachelor’s Button, Milk Weed and of course, Baby’s Breath.

L to R: Batchelors Button, Milk Week and Gardenia

But after 3 weeks in Andrea’s care, Baby’s Breath had only put on 1 ounce of weight! This is a very important time for kittens to gain necessary weight too. Everyone hoped that there wasn’t an underlying issue causing her lack of weight gain. Nothing was found after exams, so there was nothing to be done but wait. 

Thankfully, Baby’s Breath provided everyone with a sigh of relief, when the following week she gained a whopping 5 ounces!

Time for a celebration. Baby’s Breath is finally over one pound! It has officially been four weeks since we rescued her weighing 11.3 ounces. After three weeks she was only up to 12.5 ounces. This past week she has packed on 5 ounces. I still have some concerns about her growth and development, but she is a #tinyfighter and wants to live. She is half the size of her siblings but they treat her like one of them.

So life continued at the foster home for the sweet, petite kitten. She and her siblings happily celebrated each milestone with their human servants. Time passed quickly and eventually the day arrived when the other’s were old enough to be spayed and neutered. 

But not little Baby’s Breath, who was more than half the size of the others now, but still shy a few ounces of the weight restrictions.

In the United States, most veterinarians fix kittens at a MINIMUM of 2 months old and 2 pounds in weight. Not 1.9 pounds–nothing less that two. Believe me, I’ve had mornings fostering where you HOPE there isn’t a large “deposit” in the litter box meaning a rescheduled appointment. And that’s IF the kittens are healthy. Baby’s Breath was not nearly big enough yet.

It wasn’t long before Gardenia, Bachelor’s Button and Milk Weed had been adopted. This left their poor mini sister behind. Andrea wasn’t going to let that last for long though. Actually, I should say fate wasn’t going to let that happen. Andrea had been “found by” another needy kitten recently and he was going to make the purrfect friend for little Baby’s Breath. 

Together at last. Baby’s Breath and her new boyfriend Golden Rod. He was the kitten @trapper_sam_i_am and I found at Portillo’s drive thru late one evening. I feel like we have a little too much attitude for their first breakfast.

With someone more her size, Baby’s Breath spent the next weeks playing and growing. 

Not sure what you all are doing this beautiful Sunday, but Baby’s Breath and Golden Rod have a leaf. Everyone should be so happy.

It wasn’t long before her own spay day arrived. 

Baby’s Breath got her first ink yesterday. The little green line on her belly is the tattoo she got during her spay surgery. If ever she finds herself lost in this world, a vet can shave her tummy to look for her tattoo proving she is spayed. #girlswithtattoos

After witnessing Baby’s Breath blossom in front of her eyes, Andrea knew it was her time to find a forever home. 

And with her purrtfolio of adorable glamour shots–and a GORGEOUS new tail–it wasn’t long for her to take another’s breath away. But Andrea’s had to give the sweet unsuspecting girl another dose of “love” before she went.

**Don’t worry, some cats just hate the taste of the dewormer meds and it causes them to foam & drool. She is NOT hurting or sick, it lasts a few minutes and saves their lives. I’ve experienced it myself with fosters.

Once her dramatic drool was cleaned up, her freshened feline face was ready to be kissed. By her happy new mom.

Congrats to them all and thank you to Andrea and St. Francis Society Animal Rescue for not being scared off by a bit of ringworm! 

Baby’s Breath, the sweetest kitten to have blessed our foster home, was adopted today. I couldn’t have picked a better Forever Mommy for this baby.

And look the the majestic house panther now!

“Take your breath away” Baby’s Breath now =) Look at the tail! 


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