Gay Man Worries His Cat Is Homophobic In Hilarious Thread

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Our cats are pretty good at being judgy. And while they love us, I’m sure there are times when they think we are nothing more than simple creatures. For one cat owner who happens to be an openly gay man, he worries that his cat is judging him for his sexual preferences. Yes, you read that correctly. First world problems, over here!

Rather than keep it to himself, he decided to share his plight with Reddit…and its millions of followers. Needless to say, the comments to the thread below are quite entertaining to say the least. In his defense, he posted this in an appropriate space where he was virtually surrounded by other gay men who could share their honest opinions on his feline issue.

We know that cats can be jealous, but despite what some people might think, cats are not grudgeful beings by nature. They’re the masters of side eye and RBF, but not grudgeful in actuality. Cats are great at acting, let’s just say that.

See the original Reddit post below…

I think my cat is homophobic. She heard me having sex with a man last night and now she won’t talk to me. What should I do? from r/askgaybros

We’ve included some of our purrsonal favorite comments, both head-scratching and hilarious…

Looks like Reddit user furballin took home the trophy with the highest rated comment…

No one knows for certain if Reddit user otterinawetsuit was being sincere or not in his post. So I guess maybe the joke is on everyone else at the end of the day. But one thing is certain, his Reddit “karma” definitely went up!

Apparently pets watching a gay man–or anyone it seems–um, you-know-what, apparently is a common trend in the AskGayBros Community on Reddit.

If you read through the comments on the alleged homophobic feline, you’ll see that many users claimed their pets tried to butt in when they were getting hot and heavy. (There’s this thing called a door, people!)

Personally speaking, I’m pretty amazed he found a cat that “talks” to him. Last time I checked, cats don’t talk…but what do I know. 🐸


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  1. Cat do meow by talking but remember to look at their eyes and their physical reactions too, this make us to understand them better. I have 2 cats and seen them meowing to each other. It’s hard to understand them at first but you will get used and plus I talk to them a lot, for example, I tell them beforehand everything thing I do.

  2. Btw .. talking about homophobic cat but in my situation, it’s a total opposite. My two male cat humping on each other, when I came home one day. I’m not sure if they are still doing that again, they are both neutered. So I got confused and first I thought, o e supposed to be a male and the other must be female right? So I called my vet next day to check thei sex of my cats and sure that both are males.

  3. Can’t be worse than walking in on your male cat getting it on with one of your kids stuffed animals and then making eye contact and him flopping to the side as if he were saying “nothing to see here, just keep it moving. “…. He literally grabs it in his mouth and will walk with his back still hunched over it if he feels like the spot he’s in has to much light. He legit tries to find a dark , dirty place…

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