Kitten Found Screaming On Roadside Alone; Look At How Happy He Is Foster Care Now!

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While driving on Monday night, a woman in Washington state spotted a sad sight on the roadside. It was a young dark grey kitten, screaming and alone. Instead of ignoring the scared baby as many may have done, thankfully she stopped to help. With the number of animals discarded to the streets, it’s always heartwarming to hear of one that escaped an unknown fate. And you never know what you’re going to encounter in the way of abuses already inflicted on the frightened animals.

For this roadside kitty hitchhiker, happily there weren’t any serious visual injuries on their tiny body.

All she could see was a small wound on its lip. So the woman quickly scooped the fuzzy feline from the streets. One of the best things about this rescue, is that she did the most important thing first. She looked for a mom or other siblings in the area.

However, she wasn’t able to locate any other cats. She took the little kitten home and began reaching out to local rescues for assistance. And she came upon the perfect person to help. With fate smiling upon the kitten, who turned out to be a little boy, he was brought to a new home the next day.

That foster home was with Ashley Morrison, known on social media as “Youngest Old Cat Lady”. Ashley just happens to live near Seattle and was happy to help. Introducing the sweet youngster to her fans, she pondered the sad reality of his life to date. 

We will look for potential owners but the likeliness is that he was either dumped on purpose or was born to a feral cat. Because of how friendly he is, my guess would be he was dumped.

Seriously, someone looked into those eyes and was okay just disposing that soul on the roadside?

Boo to you if that’s the case. Especially when those peepers are only about 6 weeks old.

Ashley knew he wasn’t out of the woods until a vet was able to examine him. She scheduled an appointment for the next morning and set him up in his “suite”. To the outside world, know that many fosters are just referring to their bathrooms. HAHA These rooms usually have tile and can be sanitized more easily after a sick litter of kittens. 

I got him a meal and he is all set up in my bathroom where he found the heated bed in about 0.2 seconds. He already got his first dewormer and is all tucked in for a nap with his new mouse toy. 

To no ones dismay, that left a full day for the nameless puff at her home to relax. And clearly, relax he did–as only a carefree kitten can! 

This little guy is so playful. He is having a great time with his new toys. Shall we call him Lucky Bub or Puff Ball? I just can’t decide.

This little guy is so playful. He is having a great time with his new toys. Shall we call him Lucky Bub or Puff Ball? I just can’t decide.

Posted by Youngest Old Cat Lady on Tuesday, October 8, 2019

He did get to meet another of the larger residents in the home while under supervision. The two both have some fluffy “chonk” in common, but alas, they are playing in different weight classes.

Ashley shared the results of the vet visit right after the appointment. Not only that, she shared his new name!

He shall be called LUCKY PUFF. We went for our first vet visit this morning and he got a clean bill of health.

His little lip injury is healing and some ointment should help it heal faster. He sure is not in the usual condition of a feral cats kitten that wandered off. Or a kitten that’s been living in the woods for some time. He has to have belonged to someone and either somehow got to a roadway by himself, or was dumped. Most likely dumped on purpose.

He is the sweetest little boy and loves to cuddle. He was FIV/FELV tested so that he could be introduced to the other kittens. [And] he was negative so he will get to meet the other kitties soon. ❤️

Thank you to everyone involved in saving Lucky Puff! And that goes the same for all the other roadside kitties rescued. 

All Images: Youngest Old Cat Lady


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