After 48 Days Apart, This Woman Is Doing Everything To Save Her Beloved Cat

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At the beginning of August, Sunny Green of Tigard, Oreg. cuddled her cat just like any other day. But by August 2, the woman’s beloved feline friend was nowhere to be found. The cat, a fluffy girl named Lois, disappeared from her home leaving no signs of where she went. Her family was devastated, but they were also determined. They were going to save their cat no matter what, and that’s exactly what happened.

As soon as Green noticed Lois was missing, she enlisted search help from social media. She posted on Nextdoor alerting her neighbors that her cat was missing and asking anyone and everyone to help bring her home. The response she got was overwhelming.  

A Community of Supporters 

It seemed everyone wanted to help reunite Lois with her family. Complete strangers offered tips on how to find a lost cat and possible sightings. Even more people sent simple encouraging messages telling Green to not give up.

Green told Fox 12,

“Right away, you know, I got replies right away, and then by the next morning, there was like 50 messages to me and I’m going, ‘whoa.’ Everybody just jumped on the wagon.”

With an entire community on her side, Green searched everywhere for Lois. She followed through with different tips like leaving the litter box outside and posting lost cat fliers. She wanted to save her cat from the countless dangers of being on her own. From being hit by a car to running out of food or water, every day that Lois was missing was a day in danger.

Not Giving Up

As days turned into weeks, there were still no signs of Lois. A few people reported seeing stray cats in the area, but none of those tips panned out. That is until Green received a text 48 days after Lois went missing.

A high school student named Edwin came across a skinny and sad-looking cat and immediately thought of fliers he had seen around town. He managed to contain the cat and took a picture on his phone. He texted the phone number on the flier asking if the cat he found was Lois.

save cat

Green recognized her precious pet immediately despite how sick she looked. The search was over, but Lois’s struggles were far from finished. Green shared a heartfelt reunion with her cat and knew Lois needed immediate veterinary attention. The poor cat had shrunk down to only 5 pounds. She suffered from jaundice, liver disease, and severe dehydration. 

Anything to Save Her Cat

After all that searching, Green was afraid that it was too late. Lois was extremely ill and wouldn’t eat. She needed to spend several days at an emergency vet and underwent surgery to have a feeding tube placed directly to her stomach. There was no guarantee she would survive, but Green refused to give up. The vet bills came pouring in, but after everything they’d been through, Green knew she would do anything to have Lois happy, healthy, and back at cat

Lois’s surgery was successful, and Green was instructed to feed her a liquid diet every four hours. Lois also takes antibiotics twice a day. She isn’t back to her old self yet, but her veterinarian is optimistic Lois will make a full recovery.

Lois’s homecoming wouldn’t have been possible without Green’s determination and the incredible support she received from her community. Complete strangers have donated to Lois’s vet care, and people from all over have reached out with words of encouragement. Lois is loved by countless people, and she’s finally safe at home.

Images via GoFundMe/Facebook


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