Allstate Mayhem Goes Cat Crazy In New Commercial

Cats will be cats, and this is especially true when it’s cats getting those paws dirty with their mischievous behavior. For any cat owner, you know exactly what it means when we say cat crazy. And there are certainly cat breeds, like Bengals, who are more mischievous than others! Knocking things over with their paws, ripping curtains to shreds, the list is endless really.

On On June 20, 2010, Allstate introduced us to Mayhem, played by seasoned Hollywood actor Dean Winters. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for almost a decade, surely you’ve seen one or even all of the few dozen commercials that have aired. Mayhem wreaks, well, mayhem, as he’s appropriately named, hilariously yet dramatically explaining the possible what-if’s that can go wrong when all goes wrong.

And now it seems, Mayhem is putting his acting chops to purrfectly good use by convincing us watchers of what can go wrong when cats wreak mayhem on your home. 

Check out the hilarious cat crazy commercial below…

We thought this was purrfection! From riding the Roomba to flooding the bathroom, you can agree naughty kitties can certainly wreak havoc on your home—mayhem style! And one this is fur certain, crazy cats sure are fun to watch!

“You think this is love? This is a billion years of tiger DNA just ready to pounce.”

Share this funny commercial with anyone you know who loves cats or is a fan of the Mayhem Allstate commercials. There are so many hilarious little feline antics in this one, surely they’ll get a few good laughs—I know I did!


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    • Ann Philips:
      A human who has the capacity in their heart and home will adopt. If a human doesn’t adopt, then there might be reasons why they don’t. And we all might be better off that way.

      A human with an unwanted rescue cat is just as detrimental to us all as a human with any unwanted cat.

      • It’s actually pro-cat! The mischief cats get up to-these are the reasons people love them! Cats have character! Mine are certainly not always well-behaved, but they are always themselves!

    • Irresponsible ad making it look like cats destroy your house when in reality, they don’t. It is perpetuating a stereotype and could deter future would-be adopters who are on the fence. Shameful.

  1. Believe it or not, I named my cat Mayhem after the character of these Allstate commercials and he has absolutely lived up to his name lol

    • This ad, so close to Halloween, is bad taste and timing. Some people are abusive to cats and could take this as reason to act out. I used to volunteer at a shelter and do not want to see any animal abused. Rethink this ad, please. Don’t think your sales will suffer, and maybe cats won’t either.

      • I think you’re over reacting. It’s just a commercial. In NO WAY does it depict animal cruelty or a reason to abuse cats or any animal for that matter. It’s a commercial!!! Plain and simple. Relax a little! I LOVE animals and in no way did I feel this commercial could elicit the abuse of animals. It made me smile at how factual it can be to NORMAL cat behavior. A commercial does not cause some sick individuals to abuse animals. Question, do you think that the Mayhem commercial showing a car being broken in to causes people to steal cars?!? Nope. Seriously…. 🙄

  2. I can’t believe you would promote this video. Millions of cats need to be adopted out there and if this would prevent even one of them from being adopted it’s nothing that should be shown on TV. People are gullible and if they think a cat would do anything negative some people would not adopt a cat. It’s not that I don’t have a sense of humor, many mayhem commercials are hilarious period, but this one makes me really angry. And it should you, too.

  3. So you think promoting violence against cats by nut cases is funny?
    There are people out there who do not like cats, this commercial gives them license to torture and kill cats.

    People with the mentality of the mass shooters. Easily influenced cowards.
    Think about it.

  4. As a life-long cat owner… I am not offended by this commercial, nor believe it will deter people from adopting rescue cats. I think it plays on the nature of how cats act and Dean Winters plays the role as he always does these commercials. I have adopted 9 cats through the years and I can see those cats represented in a comical… animated and exagerated fashion in this commercial. Lighten up. Everything dosen’t have to be serious. Use the commercial as a talking point for cat adoption but not as a damning point for a talented spot that most folks realize is in good jest.

Written by Modi Ramos

Crazy cat lady since birth and lover of all things feline. Owner of CattitudeDaily and former Editor of iHeartCats. Meow!

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