79-Year-Old Woman Sentenced To 10 Days In Jail–For Feeding Stray Cats!

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So, I fully understand that when you break the law you are held accountable for your actions. Especially if you’re a “repeat offender”. That’s how the world works. But when the punishment FAR outweighs the crime, you have to ask if there is more to the story. Last week in Garfield Heights, Ohio, magistrate Jeffrey Short sentenced a 79-year-old woman to jail time–for feeding stray cats!

Nancy Segula, a sweet little 79-year-old woman, has been sentenced to serve 10 days in the Cuyahoga County Jail!

But how did it come to this you may wonder? Sadly, it happened after her neighbor moved away and simply left his cats outside to fend for themselves. Although somewhat weary of humans now, the felines regularly show up on Nancy’s porch.

Perhaps it’s the “crazy cat lady” decor that litters her home? I mean, these photos could be of any one of our yards, right?!

So about two years ago when they began showing up at her house, the cat-loving Segula was happy to put out food and water for them. She couldn’t bear to see them starving or suffering in the extreme weather the mid-western United States experiences. 

I would always feed them and care for them because I was worried about them and I’m a cat lover.

And it was in 2017 that she received her first citation for doing so. 

In total, she’s received 4 citations for feeding the stray cats over the last 2 years. They state she is in violation of ordinance 505.23, which states it’s illegal to feed stray cats and dogs in the city.

The family is stating that once some other neighbors learned of her caring for the homeless cats, they became upset and called the warden.

But a 10-day jail sentence for feeding some cats?! That seems a bit far-fetched, not to mention a waste of space at the states largest jail.

And this isn’t just a minimum-security “long-weekend” type prision either. Here’s a blurb from a news article published JUST this month!

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Cuyahoga County has hired a new warden to oversee its troubled jails, where nine inmates died in the last 13 months and 10 current and former jail officials are accused of crimes.

It’s still not confirmed whether Segula will have to report to the prison by August 11th, as sentenced.

But after the shocking announcement during the court proceedings, her family is pleading that they can to stop the madness. 

“I couldn’t believe what my mother was telling me. She gets 10 days in the county jail, I couldn’t believe it,” her son Dave Pawlowski, told @CBS6. “I’m sure people hear about the things that happen downtown in that jail. And they are going to let my 79-year-old mother go there?”

And how is poor, sweet Nancy feeling about all this? Well scared and nervous are the top two. 

It’s too much of a sentence for me for what I’m doing. When there are so many people out there that do bad things.

Hopefully the city will see the error in this decision and re-review her case for a fitting punishment. It’s a shame the local animal rescue didn’t step in earlier to help TNR the colony. Perhaps they should be looking into this a bit more? Clearly a TNR program in the area is needed.

It’s also up to all of us to help save the worlds cat lovers from this same fate! Do YOUR part so there are LESS HOMELESS CATS for others to feed! 


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  1. This is horrible the laws definitely need changing and ways to protect the homeless animals, how about sentencing the original owners who abandoned their cats in the first place 10 days in the county jail and give the lady who took care of them a medal. I do not understand that those that love animals and do everything they can to take care of them are ridiculed and made fun of and those that show cruelty and abuse actually get laughs and literally gets away with murder in most cases. There is something really wrong with the whole human race and they want to blame the few that love and care for animals. They need to look at themselves instead.

  2. But the man who abandoned his cats gets nothing? They know who he is, as he must have paid taxes or been on some county records. Shaking my head…ridiculous!

  3. It’s outrageous that this lady is being so severely punished. Get an attorney who loves animals. Call your local newspaper and Fox News, CNN, etc. The person who wants to put you in jail should be punished–not you! It’s shameless that you are being put through this. You have a good heart and fed some starving cats. Appeal your sentence. Get a petition going. God Bless You and have faith.

  4. I feel sorry for this woman, but because of her altruism, I am sure Nancy’s biggest fear right now is wondering if the cats will be fed while is away for ten days. It is total B.S. to get citations for that in the first place. Other people should be stepping up and helping instead of whining like babies. Who is going to step up and help Nancy out by feeding those cats while she is away? Nancy’s second fear is surely being sent to a tough jail. The ASPCA, Humane Society and all pet lovers should be helping her out. The is the epitome of altruism- whether blind justice looks away or not.

  5. Contact me. This makes me So mad I will drive to Ohio and take her place. This is infuriating. I am serious. Email me asap. I am packed and ready. I have 3 cats I am 65 and I will go in contempt of court to give them a piece of my mind.

  6. This is so disgusting and stupid don’t they have anything better to do then go after people who try to help these poor defenseless animals and don’t go after the heartless moron who abandoned them? This doesn’t make any sense at all and whoever reported this kind lady must hate cats. This person needs to get a life and not punish this poor woman who was only guilty of kindness.

  7. This is insane. Perhaps the town and magistrate should pitch in to TNR where needed and get cats adopted out where they can. Nancy I applaud your love and compassion. I had ferals born under my deck in PA and TNR’d where I could. I ended up keeping two for myself. You are awesome and your family should do petitions and go fund me if needed.

  8. I think this is totally rediculous when a women out of the goodness of her heart was doing a motherly thing by feeding cats she could have called the aspca hotline of the nearest humane society but doing something good should not envoys a 10 day jail sentence for feeding helpless cats .

  9. El colmo!! Que la gente se una y proteste!! Cómo es posible que se sentencie a alguien por hacer caridad con los animales y no se castiga a los que los abandonaron? Y cómo es posible dictar ese tipo de sentencias a una anciana?

  10. So the scumbag who neglected taking care of the animals he or she owned is super happy that someone else took care of his abandoned pets and is now facing jail because the idiotic laws and the assholes POS neighbors this good person has couldn’t be compassionate. The judge is a total moron!! Enact laws to find ways to shelter abandoned cats those were NOT stray animals until they were left to fend for themselves by an idiot. Prosecute the idiot that neglected taking care of the pets and do something smart and kind like abolish that stupid ordinance and make laws to jail neglectful pet owners then you won’t have “stray animals” guess some judges have no brain !!!

  11. Where is Becky Robinson and Alley Cat Allies? Shouldn’t they be notified. This falls right in their sweet spot!

  12. She is feeding the cats regularly for years. In my mind, these cats are hers. The officials should leave her alone.

  13. This woman cannot and must not spend any jail time. That is out right crazy. The town’s people must start a petition. This cannot be allowed. Start a GoFundMe and get her a lawyer. Sue them

  14. Neighbors like this sweet lady has proved the point that they would turn their own Mother in because they dislike cats.
    I have cats and if strays come into my yard I rather feed them so they don’t go after my birds that I also feed.
    Instead of putting this lady in a county jail that a has a reputation of being one of worst in Ohio. Should have sentenced her to do volunteering with an shelter or something on that order. This judge has his head up his ass.

  15. Oh, I as well got Fined $500.00 for caring for fero cats. I gave them outside shelter from the winter elements. They were born on my out side porch in the Winter. They all got adopted out n I paid the fine! Some People Are Just Heartless n Cruel !!!!
    I’m have other fero’s I’m taking care of. I got them fixed n w shots w the help of a friend. I’m getting the mama cat in time fixed as well n released…she comes for food n I’ll always care for her. Her name is EJ. EJ was born on my porch also! Beautiful long hair Calico.

  16. It’s great we all are outraged about the big hearted grandma, but let’s not forget about the cats. They are suffering outside in the elements, hungry, thirsty, and vulnerable every day. There’s no 10 day incarceration for them. They would probably welcome shelter, air conditioning and food. Be outraged, but take care of the cats first. They need people who are packed and ready to go get them and take them in. Show your support for this woman and thumb your noses at her neighbors by taking one of the strays! Provide a home first, then protest and petition.

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