Bobcat Kittens Give Arizona Resident Purrfect Surprise

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You know what’s cuter than a bobcat kitten? Three bobcat kittens!

For Tuscon, Arizona resident Emily Ernst Lunne, she had the purrfect opportunity to have a real wildlife encounter. Only feet away from her home, it was with three adorable bobcat kittens right in her very own backyard! Obviously taken by the cute sighting of such magnificent big cat babies, she took to her Facebook page to share with the world this special treat.

Watch as the play and romp together and tell me that your cat-loving heart doesn’t skip a beat…

Not long after sharing her purrfect photos and video, news media outlets caught wind of her story and shared these three precious kittens as well. Prior to the encounter, Emily reported to have heard the sounds of noises coming from atop of her roof for several days. Guess now she has the purrfect reason as to why!

Check out the adorable newsclip below:

We all know that three bobcat kittens must mean that there is a highly protective mother nearby, and Emily is wise to know not to interfere with wildlife…especially a mother’s young! Thanks for respecting these lovely creatures, and sharing this adorable sighting with the world! It just goes to show you that despite cities growing and populations expanding, we are still very much a part of their world and we must do our part to live in peace and respect their space and livelihood.

A lovely mature bobcat perched on a big branch

According to National Geographic, this sighting is somewhat rare and likely due to the fact that these kittens are young and not wise to the bobcat ways just yet. National Geographic cites Bobcats, also known as wildcats, as being “elusive and nocturnal” which translates to rare sightings. But although these beautiful smaller cats of the big cat world are rarely seen, they roam throughout much of North America. As time has progressed, they’ve learned to adapt to diverse habitats, ranging from forests, swamps, deserts and even suburban areas.

Image Courtesy of National Geographic

Now, if only I could see 3 bobcat kittens right in my very own backyard! The best I get are pesky squirrels digging holes in my yard…


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