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  • Bobcat Kittens Give Arizona Resident Purrfect Surprise

    You know what’s cuter than a bobcat kitten? Three bobcat kittens! For Tuscon, Arizona resident Emily Ernst Lunne, she had the purrfect opportunity to have a real wildlife encounter. Only feet away from her home, it was with three adorable bobcat kittens right in her very own backyard! Obviously taken by the cute sighting of […] More

  • Abandoned Baby Bobcat Kitten RIGHTLY Raised By Rescuers To Hate Humans

    A frail bobcat kitten stumbled out of the woods in Potosi, Missouri in late July. Members at the local YMCA received a surprising rush of adrenaline when they found the wild cat wandering around the parking lot alone. The tiny baby was very malnourished and covered in ticks and parasites. Although her weakened body was […] More

  • Bobcat Seized in Northern Illinois Police Raid

    When police in Orland Park, IL issued a search warrant of a known felon’s residence this February, little did they know the raid would uncover something not often seen! Found within a small 6 x 6 foot office in an industrial park building, with only a few toys, a climbing tree and a litter box, […] More

  • Bobcat Kitten “Shamrock” Rescued in Florida

    Many people ask how Chris became so involved with cats in general and the answer is easy;┬áBig Cat Rescue (BCR). Big Cat Rescue, in Tampa, FL, is one of the largest accredited sanctuaries in the world dedicated to abused and abandoned big cats. They house over 80 big cats, most of whom have been abandoned, […] More