A Collection Of Fun Facts About Tuxedo Cats

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In case you didn’t know, a tuxedo cat is a domesticated feline that has a black and white pattern to their coat. They are not a breed of cat, but a cat pattern that a cat can have. (Same goes for ginger tabbies, too!) While ginger tabbies are predominantly male, and calicos and torties are most always female, tuxedo cats are just as likely to be male as they are female. Go ahead and add these fun little cat coat trivia nuggets to your growing index of cat knowledge! 

These black and white beauties are loved by many, and there are countless cat admirers that have a soft spot for these cats who look as if they’re in formal attire.

Here we will share with you a collection of fun facts about tuxedo cats. If you have one of these kitties in your life, share a photo of them with us in the comment section on Facebook!

Tuxedo Cats Are Famous The World Over

Did you know that Dr. Suess’ The Cat In The Hat was based on a tuxedo cat? Felix the Cat is another, and I even had a clock on my wall growing up with a Felix tail that swayed side to side. Looney Tunes’ Tweety and Sylvester’ is another famous tuxedo feline that many people remember fondly and still have a special spot in their heart for to this day. If you’re a lover of Disney’s Pinocchio, then you’ll remember the film’s tuxedo cat star, Figaro, too! Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Cats (soon to be made into a feature film!) even has its very own famous tuxedo cat, none other than the magical Mr. Mistoffelees.

Want to know the most common tuxedo cat names? Here are the top winners: Socks, Felix, Panda, Figaro, Penguin, Oreo, Patches, Domino, and Sylvester

The cat on the far right is my spirit animal.

There’s A Scientific Reason For Your Two Color Puss Puss

Recent scientific findings uncovered the exact reason behind your black cat’s lovely white markings. Here’s what we know:

For starters, cats are not the only mammals that have “socks” like this.

In fact, these white splotches of pigment can occur in pigs, deer, horses, dogs, guinea pigs, birds, and, in rare cases, humans. But according to research, this white pigmentation is most commonly found in felines. And it comes as no surprise that “Socks” tops the list of tuxedo cat names.

So when you admire your cat’s beautiful black and white coat, you can thank genetics for gifting them with it!

What is the definition of a true tuxedo cat? They must have the following classifiers:

  • They must have solid black throughout her entire body (except for a few white patches).
  • The white patches must be on her chin, chest, belly, and paws.
  • They must have more black than white.

What Green Eyes You Have!

While most kittens are born with blue eyes, tuxedo cats blue eyes will almost always transform to a lovely shade of green. The green can be bold or even have a yellowish tint to them. While green is most common, some tuxedo cats can have striking yellow eyes, too.

Fun tuxedo cat fact: these cats are often referred to as “tuxies” among cat lovers.

Loving And Loyal–But With Loads Of “Tuxitude”!

It’s been reported by many tuxedo cat owners that their two-toned feline friends are loyal and love to be in their presence at almost all times. But despite their loyal nature, these cats are infamous for their attitude that they don’t try to hide.

We’ve heard of tortitude, but I guarantee that tuxedo cats can give those kitties a run for their money! Tuxedo cats are well-known by many for their finicky and sassy behavior.

Our recently adopted tuxedo friend, Pepper, is like no cat I’ve ever seen. Loud, wild, and super playful, he provides my family, as well as guests to our home, with plenty of comic relief.

No Two Tuxies Are The Same

Although you may see another tuxedo cat that looks eerily similar to your own feline friend, it is a fact that no two tuxedo cats are identical.

You can see Tuxedos with white paws, chins, tails, and socks or mittens. And some of these kitties even have black spots on their necks that give off the impression that they’re wearing a bowtie.

Check out those adorable white ear furnishings, too!

Tuxedo Cats Often Have White Whiskers

I find this fact to be super neat as well as super cute! The pigment that colors a cat’s fur and skin also gives color to the pads of the animal’s feet. Often the pads are the same color as the cat. But when it comes to whiskers, this is a different story. Have you noticed that many tuxedo cats with black markings on their face will have contrasting white whiskers? Check out my daughter’s tuxedo cat, Pepper, for one purrfect example:

This neat little bi-color coat chart breaks down the bi-color coat pattern terms for us cat lovers:

Image Courtesy of The Purrington Post


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