Love Looking At Cats AND Pretty Homes? Now You Can Do Both In Minneapolis On A Cat Tour!


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With two years of success, the #CatsOfTheWedge cat tour is back for the third year running in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Cat tour guide Chet Wedgedly guides tour-goers from Mueller Park in the Wedge neighborhood as they stroll down the beautiful city streets–which happen to feature densely populated homes of cat owners. And if you ask us, the Cats Of The Wedge tour sounds right up our alley!

cat tour

About Mueller Park, a gem and landmark in the historic district of Minneapolis…

Located on 25th Ave. W, between Bryant and Colfax Avenues South, Mueller Park is in the heart of the Lowry Hill East neighborhood, also known as the Wedge. Recreational attractions abound at the 1.85-acre park; Mueller offers park goers a wading pool and totlot playground, in addition to picnic areas, a basketball court and pergola walkway

As if the cats know they are on display, they continuously perch themselves in their home windows, giving those on the tour the purrfectly desired spectacle to ooh and aah over. You can also find cats in front yards, cats on front porches, and even cats on roofs. The trick is to count how many cats you see as you move along throughout the tour!

cat tour
Image Courtesy of Wedge LIVE Facebook

Tour-goers are guided by self-professed cat lover and neighborhood historian Chet Wedgely, founder of the news and media company Wedge LIVE!. Together they casually stroll, touring the lovely homes and keeping their eyes peeled for cats. The Wedge neighborhood of Minneapolis has long since been known by many for its feline abundance. So a tour of cats and homes made purrfect sense! And judging by its popularity, we see this tour continuing for many years to come.

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According to their Facebook page “Cat Tour 2019!” hosted by Wedge LIVE!:

Nationally heralded cat tour guide Chet Wedgely is back for a third season of #CatsOfTheWedge.

You won’t want to miss the dramatic twists, like that time last year when a guy brought his cats out for the crowd and got locked out of his apartment… while holding two squirmy cats ready to escape. The cats got home safe, but our hearts never recovered.

Itinerary: First, we will meet at Mueller Park in the beautiful Wedge neighborhood. Then we will follow a route through the densest concentration of window cats known to exist in the Upper Midwest. There’s nothing more Minneapolis than that!

Commemorative, limited edition cat tour buttons will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.

This tour is appropriate for all ages and skill levels. If you are unable to spot cats, your tour guide will point them out for you.

Thanks to our supporters on Patreon who make cat tours – and our hyperlocal news operation – possible:

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If you happen to A: love cats, and B: you’re located in the Greater Minneapolis area, then you’re in luck! The Cats Of The Wedge Tour kicks off on June 26, 2019!

cat tour
Mueller Park – 2500 Bryant Ave S, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405

It seems that residents of the featured cat tour homes are taking their due diligence very seriously. In fact, last year one cat owner eager to show off his feline friends to the crowds accidentally locked himself out of his own home out of excitement and anticipation of doting cat admirers! OOPSIE!

Do you wish there was a cat tour in your hometown? I know I do. Here’s to wishing the cat tour in Minneapolis many years of success!

All Images Courtesy of Wedge LIVE!


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