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This animal rescuer poem is not new information. In other words, it’s not something someone just figured out. It’s not a new revelation as to why people continue to put themselves out there for animals. But what this animal rescuer poem is, is honest, heart wrenching and inspiring. However, for those who aren’t involved in animal rescuing, it gives an insight into the details–good and bad. It is for those who actively work day in and day out for needy animals, because it gives them hope to continue.

Photo credit: Dani The Cat Lady


The neglect changes you.
The abuse hardens you.
The suffering breaks you. 
The ignorance angers you.
The indifference disturbs you.
The injustice destroys you.

Photo credit: Dani The Cat Lady

On a daily basis…your faith will be tested.
Your heart will be wounded….
Your soul will be altered.

Photo Cole and Marmalade – JessiCAT – Post feeding foster kitten Ruth

On a weekly basis…you’ll question yourself.
You’ll question your strength.
You’ll question the world.

On a monthly basis…you’ll fall down.
You’ll get up.
You’ll go on…

Photo credit: Crystal Grimes – St. Francis Society Animal Rescue; Tampa, FL

On a yearly basis…you’ll look back…

You’ll see faces…
You couldn’t save them.
You’ll learn to mourn.
To grieve.
To sob.
You’ll learn to trust a little less.
To do a little more.
To fight a little harder.

You’ll learn to try.
To hope.
To pray.
You’ll learn to fail.
To succeed.
To accept.
You’ll learn when to hold on.
When to give up.
When to let go.
You’ll learn who you are.
What you stand for.
Why that matters.

Then… at times… you’ll forget why you matter.

You’ll question what you’re doing.
You’ll wonder if it’s worth it.

But…here’s the good news… When you forget…
When you question…
When you wonder…
All you have to do…
Is take a look around…
And you’ll see them.

Photo credit: Cynde Mercer – St. Francis Society Animal Rescue; Tampa, FL

You’ll see their faces.
You’ll see their smiles.
You’ll feel their love.

Photo credit: Youngest Old Cat Lady

In their eyes, you’ll see their journeys…
You’ll remember their beginnings…
You’ll know how far they’ve come…
You’ll remember when they didn’t know you…
When they didn’t trust you…
When they’d given up.

Photo credit: Urgent Cats of Tampa Bay

You’ll remember how you healed them…
How you loved them…
How they loved you, too.
And as you look back…
You’ll want to move forward…
For them… and because of them.

Photo credit: Mel Fletcher‎‎ – St. Francis Society Animal Rescue; Tampa, FL

In your darkest hours, you’ll look around…

To find the differences made…the hope given…and the lives saved…
Because you existed.
In those moments, when you look into their eyes…every doubt will be erased.

Photo credit: Dani The Cat Lady

Every question will be answered.
Every worry will subside.
Because in that instant…in each of your hearts…
You both share the very same thought: “Every bit of pain was worth it…for this moment here with you.”
And honestly…no matter what else happens…
Those moments hold all the strength you need…
To keep going.

Photo credit: Orphans Of The Storm

Rescue is pain.
Rescue is joy.
Rescue is worth it…because they are worth it.
And that’s the honest truth.

~Animal Rescuer Poem by Ashley Owen Hill

So if you feel like you want to get into animal rescue, be prepared for a roller coaster of emotions as this animal rescuer poem describes.


They may be overwhelming at times, but every moment is worth the final outcome. If you foster, the emotional attachment can be more difficult to manage, but well worth it. With a rotating door of animals, the constant emotional waves are challenging. But “the goal is goodbye”, no matter what the journey was to get there.

Photo credit: Love Your Feral Felines

It’s for every fragile neonatal kitten born into suffering but then transformed into a playful, carefree kitten. The senior cats given over to shelters after losing their owners couldn’t survive without our help. Don’t forget about the feral cat colonies and stray populations that need rescuers help too.

Photo credit: Andrea Budkis Christian‎ – St. Francis Society Animal Rescue; Tampa, FL

Because every cat (or any animal) that’s abused, neglected and given up on, depends on these caring individuals.

Above all, it’s for the smile on the face of new adopters when they hold their beloved family member. 

Photo: Cat Man Chris – Two previous rescues on their adoption day!


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Photos courtesy of: Love Your Feral Felines

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