Cats On Runways – Fashion Friendly Felines Steal The Show

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So it’s happened again. Another adorable cat has invaded the runways of the world’s fashion industry. On Monday, April 29th the attendees at the Christian Dior fashion show were treated to a purrfect model. What draws these felines to the crowded events though? Do they know they are gorgeous and come to strut their stuff? Either way–cats on runways are my favorite thing about fashion shows now.

Clothes? Ehh. Cats? Yes! It’s not called a catwalk for nothing!

audience and photographers waiting for the catwalk to begin

It was a short 6 months ago when another furbulous feline graced the runway. 

That video went viral and now has over 9 MILLION views! The event occurred at the Esmod International Fashion Show, held in Istanbul. No one expected anything more than some new fashions, rubbing elbows and inspiration. And boy they got insPURRation! In the form of a small, fur covered meowdel! NO clue how it made it into the event unseen or why no one did anything seeing it saunter in. 

The frisky black and white kitty decided it was it’s time to shine. It hopped up on the runway to show it’s wares. And we do mean, ALL it’s wares!

After a good, public cleaning, it was time for a little playtime. You do need to see what the attire looks like in everyday situations, right? So why not during a bit of silly fun? The kitty tried to get the other models to play with it, but sadly was denied. Who trains these models to ignore kitties?! 

But just as with the fashion industry, the celebrity cats on runways have their 15-minutes in the spotlight and fade into the background. 

Now, another “meowdel” has decided it’s their turn in the public eye–and has taken to the catwalk. 

It was at the Christian Dior Cruise 2020 Full Fashion Show held in Marrakech, Morocco that it made it’s debut. As human models–so last year–paraded around a candle lit pool, the fearless cat approached the line.

The stoic humans flawlessly walked with barely a glance down at the strutting stray cat on the runway. Never one to follow rules, the feline refused to fall in line. Instead, it walked the opposite direction, drawing every eye at the event.

At one point, the feline even attempts to throw one of the models off her game, but was deflected.

I think my favorite part is at the end of the fashion conga line. The cat casually walks up to a few guests after the human distractions have exited the stage. It turns it’s tail up at the people, giving them a view of it’s backside. With a quick flick of it’s glorious tail, it gives the people what they want and walks off.

Take that for a showstopping ending! 



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Photo Courtesy: Yasaar Nakchbendi — Scout the tortie enjoying nature’s delights in the catnip tunnel

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