Man Risks His Life To Rescue Cat From 6th Story High Rise Ledge

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You love your cat…but how far would you go to save them in the event danger? Would you run into a burning building to save them? Or purrhaps climb a tree to rescue your cat because they were stuck? For one man in Toronto, his love for his cat was put to the test when his poor kitty found himself stuck out on a ledge…6 stories high in the air! Unflinching like a human Spiderman, the man casually walks out on the narrow ledge as if this isn’t his first rodeo to retrieve his cat. And the best part? He makes a high rise rescue look easy.

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I’m naturally terrified of heights, so this would be my greatest fear realized. Purrpare to be impressed when you check out this daring rescue! (And just ignore the loud commentary of the person who recorded this rescue in the background–because I know I did!)


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Man scales condo building to get stranded cat from neighbour’s balcony. . . #freethekitty #spiderman #torontospiderman #notallheroswearcapes @6ixbuzztv

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It might be hard to tell the actual height of the sixth story because of the close up shots.

Here is the image of the Liberty Village Condos in Toronto, ON from below. This might put it in better purrspective for us all. Now how do you feel about it?

Village Liberty Condos of Toronto

Purrsonally, I would have knocked on my neighbor’s door to ask for my cat back, but maybe that’s just me and my inner chicken talking!

But before I go knocking his astonishing attempt, that WAS his first course of action. He had to think fast for his cat’s safety, because his neighbor’s didn’t answer.

According to BlogTo, here’s what he had to say regarding the shocking ledge rescue video:

“He (the feline) was trying to squeeze back under the glass and getting stuck almost, I was afraid he was going to hurt himself… He would likely have fallen if he’d tried to hop back over. I had to do something quick.”

The man has requested to have his identity to remain private. He explained that he had simply opened his patio door to get some fresh air. Per usual, he had placed his typical method of containment, a baby gate, to keep his cat inside the apartment and not on the patio.

Then, thinking nothing of it, the cat dad turned his back, and that split second turned his day into a rescue mission. His fluffy ginger tabby immediately made an escape to go explore. It only takes a second for something like this to happen, but we’re sure this death defying act of bravery will serve as a friendly reminder in the future. He should never turn his back on his frisky feline again.

Image Capture – Instagram

When asked by the news if he was afraid, he simply said that he put the needs of his cat before his own.

“I just wanted to get him back.” Awww!

So, do you think you have what it takes to rescue a cat from a ledge? How about other daring rescues? Leave us a comment and share!


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  1. I would to save my own or any animals in need. Animals, pets, they just are what they are its humans that should care for them and insure the wellbeing of all life. We are care takers of this earth , or should be.

  2. First, the cat didn’t exactly need rescuing. Second, why not just walk down the hall, knock on the neighbor’s door and say “”Hey, do you mind if I get my cat off your balcony?”

  3. It seems there was enough space for the man to go get his cat and come back without trouble.
    I would have done the same if my pet was stuck and unable to get back home.

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