Couple Refuses To Leave Stray Mama Cat And Her Newborn Kittens Behind When They Move

When residents in Orient, Ohio moved recently, they refused to leave behind some very precious cargo. Stray mama cat, Styles, had lived on their property where they were happy to take care of her. She had remained outdoors and unfortunately, along the way, had become pregnant. Just recently, she gave birth to 5 healthy little nuggets! But what would happen to the new family when the humans left? Who would take care of them in the harsh Ohio winter? 

Photo: @CLEFosterKittens

The couple refused to leave the stray mama cat and her kittens behind to suffer an unknown fate. 

In a heartwarming show of affection, they reached out to anyone they could find to ask for assistance. They wanted to find a local no-kill shelter or rescue group that could take in the family. Ideally, mama Styles would be given the opportunity to be an indoor cat. And with the young age of her babies, they hoped they could be socialized and find homes. With the ease that they were all “trapped”, I’d say mama is ready for life off the streets.

Their plea for help garnered the attention of a cat rescuer in Cleveland, Ohio. Rachel Vanek manages and funds the TNR and foster efforts of needy cats in her hometown. She happily shares their stories on her social media pages under @CLEFosterKittens.

Photo: @CLEFosterKittens

Rachel knew that mama Styles needed her help and opened her foster doors to the new family. She agreed to meet the couple halfway and take the family into her care. They were located about 2 1/2 hours south of Rachel–a short distance to a new life.  

Saturday, February 16th, Rachel picked up the beauty and her five babies.

She took them to her veterinarian at Ridgeville Animal Hospital right away for a checkup. Thankfully, they were all healthy with no issues; a lucky update for the stray family. 

Photo: @CLEFosterKittens

Mama Styles weighed in at 8.7 pounds and tested negative for FIV/FeLV. She was given all the stray protocol attention; de-wormer and flea treatments. 

Three girls, two boys – names and pictures to follow later! Right now, Mama and her little ones are settling in to their new indoor life <3

Just today, the little ones were introduced on the CLE Foster Kittens Facebook and Instagram pages. 

The little neonates are only about 10 days old. Their little ears are still folded, eyes haven’t opened yet (mostly) and for a few, their umbilical cords still hadn’t fallen off!

First up, was little girl Astrid. 

Photo: @CLEFosterKittens ~ Astrid

This fierce little tabbyco is my best guess so far at leader of the pack. She also loves her mama dearly, and shares a lot of her markings.

Photo: @CLEFosterKittens ~ Astrid

Next, little Marcus was introduced. 

Photo: @CLEFosterKittens ~ Marcus

This little baby otter has a constant “whut???” look on his face, and is holding on to his umbilical cord for good luck.

Photo: @CLEFosterKittens ~ Marcus

Then came sister Malina.

Photo: @CLEFosterKittens ~ Malina

This little honey badger already has no time for me and my crap! HAHA I can tell she and her sisters are going to give me a run for my money. 

Photo: @CLEFosterKittens ~ Malina

Not to be outdone, sister Sabine who was the first to begin opening her eyes.

Photo: @CLEFosterKittens ~ Sabine

Just look at her pretty tortie markings already showing through! And that little peanut butter leg!!! Her eyes are starting to peek open, which gives her a cranky old lady look. It matched the tortitude she gave me when I tried to get these pictures. These girls are going to own me, I tell you!

Photo: @CLEFosterKittens ~ Sabine

Last but certainly not least, is handsome tuxie boy, Garrett. 

Photo: @CLEFosterKittens ~ Garrett

Try not to swoon meeting our little tuxie Garrett – he was quite a gentleman for his weigh in and pictures, too!

Photo: @CLEFosterKittens ~ Garrett

Now that the family is safe indoors, their caring saviors can watch their progress as they blossom. 

Thank you so much to the original caretakers for refusing to leave one special stray mama cat behind when they moved! No one can know what would have happened to them if left own their own. But these 6 lucky souls have been given an opportunity to live their best lives. 

Be sure to follow their stories through foster mom Rachel’s adorable, and humorous, updates. We can’t wait to see where these little cuties end up! 


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