OwlKitty: The Purrfect Movie Star ~ Born To Be In The Spotlight

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For many actors and actresses, it takes years to break into the film industry. Some never hit the “big time”, but there are others who are discovered and their career skyrockets to success. Every so often, a new face emerges on the big screen and people can’t help but notice. Stardom strikes and whether it’s just their 15-minutes of fame or not, the star appeal oozes from them. The newest actress demanding attention, is the purrfect storm of talent, beauty and long gorgeous fur…wait, what? Fur?! Yup. Meet the beautiful, 2-year-old actress known simply by her stage name, OwlKitty.

Photo courtesy of Tibo Charroppin / OwlKitty

You may recognize her from the many Hollywood remakes she’s starred in.

Feline-loving “catsting” directors knew OwlKitty had the talent to make it to the big leagues. This diverse leading actress won’t be held back by things such as gender! OwlKitty would complement any onscreen co-star, but be prepared to be overshadowed.

Photos/Video Screenshots courtesy of Tibo Charroppin / OwlKitty starring in How to Train Your Dragon and Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

At the same time, there is a depth behind her eyes which suggests she knows exactly who’s running the show. 

SPOILER ALERT — it’s NOT her human servants, Thibault (Tibo) Charroppin and Olivia Boone. They are happy to cater to sweet OwlKitty, but to them she’s known by her “true” name, Lizzy. 

Photo courtesy of Tibo Charroppin / OwlKitty

Lizzy actually had stardom thrust upon her from the moment she was born. 

In February 2017, her mama was taken into foster care by Shelby Thorpe. Shelby is better known as @fosterkittenlove to her more than 78k Instagram followers. The sweet cat named Licorice was only a few weeks away from giving birth.

Photo courtesy of Tibo Charroppin / OwlKitty ~ Mom Licorice

On March 3rd, Licorice had 6 adorable little babies later named after National Parks. The litter boasted three white kittens, one tabby and one fluffy little black kitten. Each one made their social media debut that day. 

She shared their images with some raw truth behind what their fates could have held. #SpayAndNeuter!

From an early age, Shelby noticed that the black kitten she’d named Sequoia, had star quality.

She frequently found Sequoia perfecting her acting skills with her only equal–her reflection! And this is how’s it’s been since the moment she opened her eyes.

As much as Shelby treasured raising the family, the goal is goodbye in fostering.

Licorice and her babies needed to find their fur-ever homes, so the hunt began.


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Pile of wiggle worms. I’m going to miss these cuties. #fosterkittens #spayandneuter #adoptdontshop #adoptingsaveslives #fosteringsaveslives #kittensofinstagram #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #ilovemyfosters

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The perfect purrents, Tibo and Olivia have always been animal people and especially loved cats. So, Tibo maybe a bit more…

Photos courtesy of Tibo Charroppin

Snuggling with Tibo in the classic holiday photo, is tabby cutie, Juliette. She’s the resident senior lady at approximately 10 years old. 

The couple met Sequoia/Lizzy at a shelter meet-and-greet on April 15th, where she “really turned up the charm”. Happy to accept the kittens decision, they pre-adopted her at only 6 weeks old. She’d join their family when she officially reached 2 months old & 2 pounds.

Photo courtesy of Tibo Charroppin / OwlKitty

When they brought new kitten Lizzy home on May 2nd, thankfully the girls hit it off. 

[Lizzy]’s always been one of a kind! She’s always had a huge personality and is extremely playful with us and with her adopted cat-mom, Juliette.

Photos courtesy of Tibo Charroppin / OwlKitty

Lizzy’s huge personality was a perfect fit with Tibo’s hobby, because with that magical combo–“OwlKitty” was born.

I [Tibo] have a background in editing and animation. I’ve worked for many years in the industry and I’ve always liked to use my free time to make goofy videos. 

We started making videos three months ago to share her acting skills with our family and friends. We hadn’t anticipated how much attention she’d receive, and we’re thrilled to see the OwlKitty community grow!

Photo courtesy of Tibo Charroppin / OwlKitty
What makes this OwlKitty stand out from the rest? With her stardom, they are hoping to spread awareness of Feline Asthma, something she suffers from. While there is no true cure for asthma, there are various methods for successfully managing it.

Lizzy was diagnosed last year, but she doesn’t let it hold her back from big screen dreams.

Photos/Video Screenshots courtesy of Tibo Charroppin / OwlKitty

And my what OwlKitty has been able to accomplish in just 3 months!!!

Purr her website, she’s remade some of our favorite classics into even more amazing meowsterpieces!

So far, OwlKitty has made appearances in such classics as Star Wars, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, How to Train your Dragon, The Shining, Titanic, 50 Shades of Gray and Risky Business. You can also find her in Game of Thrones, Ariana Grande’s music video and Red Dead Redemption 2.

Photo courtesy of Tibo Charroppin / OwlKitty

They say some are just born with it, and it’s safe to say OwlKitty’s got “it”. We’re happy to follow OwlKitty’s epic adventures away from all the PAWparazzi. So be sure you follow them on Instagram @owl__kitty for some seriously silly screentime!


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Welcome to Purrassic Park ?

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I’m a proud creature, very easily offended. ? 

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