Officer Discovers Cat Hit By Car; Goes Above & Beyond To Give Cat 2nd Chance At Life

A Code Enforcement Officer came across a vehicle on the side of the road just after the start of the new year. Officer Amanda Draughon of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, knows that in any moment, your life can change completely. In the lives of law enforcement officers you prepare for that very thing. Approaching the driver, the young man explained that he and the car were fine…

It was the Tuxedo cat he had just hit that needed help. 

Photo courtesy of Amanda Draughon

An extreme animal lover, Amanda quickly jumped into action. She took charge, moving the dazed and shocked cat off the road and into her car. Thankfully, the male cat wasn’t severely injured in the accident, just stunned. He only received a small cut near his eye. Now in safe hands, he began to come around.

It’s pretty likely though that the frightening moment did cost him one of his precious lives. 

Photo courtesy of Amanda Draughon

Officer Draughon immediately contacted Seminole County Animal Services. Reluctantly, she obeyed protocol and turned the cat over to their department. She knew they’d help with his injury and see if he belonged to someone. They estimated him to be about 5 years old and he had no micro-chip. Even though it was best for him, it broke her heart to think he’d be caged during the mandatory 7 day holding period. 

Photo courtesy of Amanda Draughon

Amanda called the shelter everyday. Literally, every day. Her husband, Officer Bobby Draughon, adorably praised and laughingly called her out on Facebook. 

Persistent isn’t even the word for her contact with animal control (borderline stalking).

Photo courtesy of Amanda Draughon


But everyday, the sweet black and white cat was still there.

No owners had come forward. Day by day slowly passed and she would lay in bed at night thinking of the poor cat. He deserved a chance, a second chance that is, to live a happy life. He’d avoided serious injuries and death on the streets. Now he needed a family to give him a safe and loving home. 

She began thinking of him as “Chance”.

Photo courtesy of Amanda Draughon


In an interview with WESH 2 news, Amanda admitted her motherly concern for the cat was due to her accepted fate. 

I felt like I was there for a reason, and no one had claimed him, and I wanted him to be happy. I knew our family, all of our rescues, are happy here”, she said.

There would be a hurdle to overcome if Amanda expected to add Chance to her family–her husband Bobby. Although very supportive of her animal rescuing, he was sure to remind her the family was already “full”. They had opened their home to two dogs, three cats, eight chickens and four horses!

Chance had already won a place in Amanda’s heart though. 

Photo courtesy of Amanda Draughon

Seeing this, Bobby knew when that 7th day arrived and no one claimed Chance, he’d be making space in his heart for the cat too. Which is exactly what happened. He admitted his defeat on Facebook.

So welcome Chance, as in second chance. For a cat that managed surviving getting hit by a car and animal control and my stubbornness in not wanting another animal. [Amanda’s] heart is one of the biggest in this world. Talk about following through with a call! You’re the best babe! I love you.

Photo courtesy of Amanda Draughon

With that, Chance was brought to his new home on January 17th. 

He immediately hit it off with his new feline sister. She was also a rescue that they adopted from the same animal shelter. The beautiful house panther was named “Blackie” by her children. When it was mentioned allowing children to name the new pet could have been much worse, she agreed. 

Very true! We had a pig they named Joe Dirt a while back! LOL

Chance and Blackie are now always by each others side, or at least in stalking distance.

He has became best friends with our female cat. They play all day and all night long. He has adjusted so well and is extremely happy.

Photos courtesy of Amanda Draughon
Photos courtesy of Amanda Draughon

Thank you so much to Code “EnFURcement” Officer Draughon and the entire family for opening their hearts up to Chance. We wish him lots of love and safety all throughout his remaining years.

Now, if he can just remember to look both ways when crossing the busy hallways of his furever home. It’ll be Blackie that takes him down! =) 

Photo courtesy of Amanda Draughon
Photo courtesy of Amanda Draughon


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