Woman Searching For Her Lost Cat Finds More Than Expected In Storm Drain!

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The new year has begun with heartache and shock for one woman in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Her beloved feline companion, a ginger cat named Mow, has not returned home since January 5th. Brooque Snow and her step-daughter have been looking for the missing boy all over their neighborhood. But it was when they searched a nearby storm drain they they received quite a surprise!

“I have called animal control and the shelter I also have asked the neighbors and walked the blocks several times. He has a collar, it is black with white skulls on it and his name tag is red in a heart shape with his name and my phone number on it. I live in Pascagoula on Mckinley Ave by the ship yard.”

Photo courtesy of Brooque Snow

On the third day of Mow’s disappearance, they were again out and about the area searching. 

Sadly, they were having no luck finding Mow, but what they did come across was quite a surprise. Recently moving to the area, Brooque wasn’t expecting to see reptilian eyes staring back at her from a storm drain she peeked in. 

Photo: @PascagoulaCity

At first she wasn’t sure what she was seeing. She took out her phone, snapped a photo and caught the glare of an alligator staring back at her!

Photo: @PascagoulaCity

She ran to the closest home to have them call animal control. Seeing what they were dealing with, they eventually called in wildlife experts to pull the gator from the public storm drain.

What they extracted from the dark hole of the storm drain, was a 7 foot alligator! 

Photo: @PascagoulaCity

It was Brooque’s first encounter with an alligator and thankfully, the professionals were brought in, because that’s no small gator!

The City of Pascagoula — Government Facebook page shared a video from local man Trevor Hodgins, who caught the event on camera. 


While the gator was pulled to safety, examined and released in a safe area, poor Mow is still out there. 

Ms. Snow doesn’t believe he was unfortunate enough to meet the gator. She did say there is a pack of coyotes about 2 blocks from their home that moved in recently. That is what is worrying her.

Photo courtesy of Brooque Snow

She is asking that if anyone does see Mow, to text or call her on the phone number found on his collar and tag.

He is fixed and about 3 years old. Unfortunately Mow does not have a microchip so Brooque continues to call shelters to check on any arrivals that fit his description.

Photo courtesy of Brooque Snow

We’re sending lots of wishes and protective “purrs” to Mow and his human family missing him. Hope you come home soon!!

Photo courtesy of Brooque Snow


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  1. Please post a location to find updates on the missing cat!

    I am very surprised at y’all for not including this, and just focusing on the alligator.

    My heart is breaking for both Brooque and Mow, a missing cat is the worst. No relief, no respite from the pain, hour after hour, day after day after day.

    • It’s all right in the story – “Pascagoula, Mississippi. I live in Pascagoula on Mckinley Ave by the ship yard.” And unfortunately there was no update on the poor cat; we spoke to the owners. =(

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