Photographer Donates Pet Photo Shoot Sessions For The Cost Of A Bag Of Pet Food!

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The month of January extends the season of giving at one photo studio in Kearney, Nebraska. Baer Studios is happy to participate in the 8th Annual “Paws for a Cause”, a fundraiser for the Kearney Area Animal Shelter.

Photo courtesy of Brian Baer; Baer Studios

During the entire month, their custom pet photo shoot session fee is pretty affordable–only a large bag of Science Diet pet food! 

We all know how difficult it can be to get a great photo of our pets.  Portrait artist Brian Baer and girlfriend, photographer Jessica Galaska, are avid animal lovers, supporters and best of all–experienced professionals! Although the cost of the photos after the session still applies, they are happy to donate a portion of those sales to the shelter too. Well worth the stress of you trying to capture that purrfect pic!

“The promotion is simple and straight forward. In exchange for a donation, Baer Studios will create a professional portrait of your pet, or create a family portrait which includes your pet.”

Photo courtesy of Brian Baer; Baer Studios

This isn’t the first year that Baer Studios has supported Kearney Area Animal Shelter either. Brian’s been holding the monthly food drive and promotion for them since 2012! Every year they receive hundreds of pounds of pet food to donate.

“Pets are sometimes the forgotten family member, but they are always there for us. We want to welcome all pets in for a session, and not just the cats and dogs. Exotic pets such as birds, reptiles and other mammals are welcome too.” Baer added, “Our family admires the work done by the Kearney Area Animal Shelter in our community, and we want to use our talents to help with their mission.”

Photo: Facebook ~ Kearney Area Animal Shelter

In an interview with Nebraska.TV back in 2012, Brian explained the reason behind his initial desire to help. 

“Food is something they have a constant need for. It’s a large expense out of their monthly budget. And we figured with this promotion they could use their funds in other ways like medicine and other necessities they might have.”

Photo courtesy of Brian Baer; Baer Studios

That year, they surpassed everyone’s expectations and were able to donate over 3,000 pounds of food! Their amazing accomplishments are noted on their website and the shelter is extremely grateful for their assistance. 

Jamie Jensen, Director of Operations at the Kearney Area Animal Shelter at the time said, “Food is a large expense for our shelter. Last years donations from this project brought in enough food to feed every animal in the shelter for almost 2 months. That’s (40) 40 lb bags of dog food and (67) 20lb bags of cat food!” 

Photo: Facebook ~ Kearney Area Animal Shelter

By the 3rd year, they’d raised over 7,750 pounds of food in total for the shelter.

After the 4th year, 2015, that total had reached over 10,000 pounds!

Photo courtesy of Brian Baer; Baer Studios

According to Olivia Derr, current Executive Director at the Kearney Animal Shelter, over the years, food will always be a large necessity and expense. 

Derr also says, “We are also appreciative to accept approved items, monetary donations and we are always looking for additional volunteers.” An official wish list and volunteer application can be found at

Photo courtesy of Brian Baer; Baer Studios

Each year since, Baer Studios happily photographs families with their pets or takes gorgeous solo pet portraits to commemorate their beloved furry family members.


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With the help of volunteers and supportive organizations like Baer Studios, Kearney Area Animal Shelter has been able to help the local animals since 2006. 

Their numbers are nothing short of utterly impressive! 

Pets reclaimed by their owners: 5,345

Pets adopted: 8,475

Photo courtesy of Brian Baer; Baer Studios

They’ve even got a few shelter “mascats” that you can visit. 

Zoidberg is quite the character that came to us as a stray. Zoid is a very special kitty. If you notice while he is walking about the shelter, his nails are always out and he is missing some toes. He also has a bob tail! Zoid is one special feline and he keeps the place smiling with his daily antics.

Photo: Facebook ~ Kearney Area Animal Shelter ~ Zoidberg

Oscar came to the shelter with some special-needs. His medical troubles have made it a guarantee that he will stay with us so we can always keep an eye on him! He will slowly come out and greet you as you come into the shelter!

Photo: Facebook ~ Kearney Area Animal Shelter ~ Oscar

Lunar is another one of the shelter mascots who loves to snuggle and lay in the sun. When she first came to the shelter, she was carrying kittens. She had her babies at the shelter and they were all adopted out to incredible homes. Lunar did not enjoy her cat condo, so the staff would give her “stretch breaks.” That’s all it took! Stop in and she will greet you!

Photo: Facebook ~ Kearney Area Animal Shelter ~ Lunar
Be sure to book your photo shoot ASAP with Baer Studios and follow them on Instagram to see their beautiful photography! 

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