10 Female Celebs Who Are Proud Crazy Cat Ladies

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Being a crazy cat lady ain’t what it used to be. For years, decades even, crazy cat women were viewed as antisocial old maids who collected cats instead of human children or friends–but the truth is anything but! For myself, I am a proud cat lady and I’d like to think I’d prefer to pass the time with my cats over lots of humans. My cat is always happy to see me and makes me feel good about myself, can you say that about all the humans you know? Didn’t think so. Here’s our list of 10 female celebs who are crazy cat ladies–and proud of it!

Taylor Swift

This one likely comes as no surprise as T-Swift is notably the proudest and most public lover of the feline kind in Hollywood today. Her two Scottish Fold kitties, Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey, live a pretty lavish life as you can clearly see on her Instagram account, and we don’t think this country crooner turned global pop icon would have it any other way!


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Just over here daydreaming about playing Manchester tomorrow… ๐Ÿ’•

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Little Olivia is not amused by her human’s obsessive antics…I feel ya, Taylor!


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Olivia just realized Iโ€™m wearing earrings of her face.

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Katy Perry

In case you didn’t already know about this one, we’re here to tell you that Katy Perry is officially cat crazy!


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keeping my rep up ๐Ÿ˜ป

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From her makeup products to her kitchen gadgets, Katy Perry is always reppin’ her cat lover style! She even has a cat named Kitty Purry, and as you can see from this hilarious clips, Kitty Purry only cares about the most important things on her feline agenda…

Lea Michele

This celeb crazy cat lady is all about her kitty, Sheila, who she found while filming the TV series, Glee! Lea has called her cat “the love her life” and even admits she’d rather spend time at home with her beloved feline friend than out on the town in Hollywood.

Sounds like this kitty sure did get lucky when they wander into her life! Cats always have the purrfect way of choosing their humans, don’t they?


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Cozy Saturday… โค๏ธ

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Ellie Goulding

This British singer is cuckoo for her kitties named Lennon and Wallace! These cats live a sweet life full of toys, cuddling, and lots of play with their devoted cat mom. Looks like they are pretty good at hide and seek, too–and never one to miss a photo opp with their mum!

Julianne Moore

This Oscar winning actress is crazy for kitties! Not only did she donate 10,000 meals to hungry cats in need in New York a few years ago, but she is well known for her affinity for the feline kind.


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This singer is super vocal about her obsession for cats, and even took to Twitter last year to profess her love for her cats in a “family photo” that she posted online in honor of Pet Appreciation Day. 

According to Kesha, all it took was rescuing her first cat to become hooked on helping other cats in need. Before long, her home became a “cat palace”–sounds like her cats are pretty lucky to me! Hear more about them here, and check out that awesome cat lady beanie she’s rockin’…

Amanda Seyfried

When this beautiful blonde isn’t belting out Mamma Mia! hits, she’s busy fostering kittens!

Amanda is a big time animal lover, but she holds a soft spot in her heart for cats and lends her star power to spreading awareness for Best Friends Animal Society of Los Angeles to encourage others to foster or adopt. You’re a winner in our book, Amanda!


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For all of those willing and able: DO IT! #Repost @bfas_la

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Martha Stewart

When Martha’s not showing us tips and tricks to host the best soiree, this crazy cat lady is entertaining her clowder of Persian cats at her lavish estate in Bedford, New York.


On Martha’s website, she has a section dedicated to all things catsand even a biography section for her cats. Sounds like those Persian kitties have their master wrapped right around their paw!

Christina Ricci

In 1997, this child actor starred in a film called That Darn Cat, but the truth is, she’s been a cat lover ever since she made us fall in love with her as Wednesday Addams!

Image: IMDB – That Darn Cat

Sometimes people say that pets can look like their owners, I feel like that there may be some truth to that here…


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Gorgeous Figaro. Dream Cat. 5 months old. Was supposed to be my sonโ€™s, but…

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This living legend and pop goddess supreme has been a cat lover since she hit the scene with Sonny & Cher over 50 years ago.

Cher often shares images of her cats on her Twitter account, and something tells us they are spoiled with love and treats and pretty much anything else they could ever want. She’s got you, kitties!

*Please note: This list is dedicated to the celebrity crazy cat ladies who are still with us today. Did you know that Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn were also cat crazy? If you know any others, share them with us in the comments section!

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