The Colors Of The Worlds Most Beautiful Cats Eyes

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In the past, we’ve covered Fun Facts About Cat Eye Colors, but we can’t get enough of these stunning beauties!

There is an expression that you should “never look directly into a cat’s eyes”. This is due to their natural instincts to perceive this as an act of aggression. It can cause some cats to become scared, angry or attack.

Our own beloved house cats are likely used to us gazing at them lovingly though. To become lost in the entrancing depths of the cats eye is almost meditative. They are like little galaxies that hold the mysteries of the world, each one as beautiful as the next. 

Fortunately, for those who don’t have their own feline companions or just want to behold the beauty of the beast, we’ve added our favorites here. Be fairly warned…we may be biased on a few of these peepers! 

Blue-Eyed Beauties

Voted the world’s most popular color, blue brings with it peaceful vibes and calmness. Like getting swept away by the ocean blues, cats with this exquisite eye color are utterly entrancing.

Coby The Cat is a British Shorthair living in New York City with his faithful human servant. With his own Instagram page and 1.4 Million followers, he’s certainly hypnotized us all!


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Me when humans try to speak Meow.

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Yaroslavl Poppy, or “Yaro”

Sadly this elegant beauty crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in September 2015, but his mother celebrated many years gazing into his celestial blue eyes. 

“We were like a 14-year-old star who had been together for over ten years …Yaro became a star this morning.”

Photo: @dasandajeong

Cat’s Eye Fun Fact: If you didn’t know, all kittens are born with blue eyes…hence “baby blues”. These will change around 5-6 weeks of age as their Melanocyte cells begin to reflect light, transitioning into their permanent eye color. 

You can see the change here from our own beloved rescue Torti, Zig Zag.

Photo: Property of @JuggandZigZag

Green (With Envy!)

Meet Smoothie, 2016’s awarded “The Most Photogenic Cat In The World”. Weighing in just under 6 pounds, this tiny British Longhair cat’s eyes sure do overwhelm!


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The Queen in all her glory.

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Sapphire is a 3-year-old Maine Coon who helps her mom with the many foster kittens in their home. Their Instagram feed is full of adorable little kitty peepers of every color! 

Golden Treasures

The color gold has numerous meanings behind it. It is the color of success, achievement and triumph. In the meaning of colors, gold is generous and giving, compassionate and loving, the benefactor or patron, sharing its wisdom, knowledge and wealth with others.

In the Cole and Marmalade household, we have been blessed with 2 boys that have certainly triumphed over life’s difficulties. Both rescues, Marm has beat cancer and helped show the world FIV+ cats can live long, healthy lives. Cole’s advocacy for Black Cats, has helped many a black cat escape the shelter life and overcome outdated stigmas. 


Photo: Property of @coleandmarmalade


Photo: Property of @coleandmarmalade


Tantalizing Hazel Torties

While there is no specific eye color that matches cat fur, we’ve noticed our newest kittens seemed to “follow suit”. Many Tortoiseshell and Torbie (a mix of Torti and Tabby), cats have eyes that are a breathtaking mix of numerous colors. 

Jugg and Zig Zag 

With these two girls in our care, there was no way we couldn’t “foster fail” either of them. Their once baby blue’s have transformed into a rainbow of magnificent hazel hues. Yes, we are tied around their little paws, giving into their every wishful meow.

Photo: Property of @JuggandZigZag

Bleeps, the Blind Cat

One stunning beauty on social media that the world needs to learn of is Bleeps, the blind cat. He may only have 1 working gorgeous gold and green eye, but that doesn’t slow him down a bit!

“In April 2017 I was found in the bushes at a construction site after a bad storm. I was all alone…the man who found me called my mom & dad & they bottle fed me for 9 WEEKS!! I was the runt, but I fought hard and beat the odds!”

Copper Charms

The last color, and certainly not the least, is rich copper.

Photo: @North Valley Utah Animal Shelter

Cats don’t get brown or black eyes like people do so a deep copper is the darkest you’ll find. 

Please know that your cats eyes can change color due to sicknesses too (not usually the kitten to adult change).

Anytime you see a sudden change in color of your cat’s eyes, it’s best to make a vet appointment. Early detection of an issue can save your cats vision!

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