Surprise Kitten Brings Tears Of Joy To Two Kids This Christmas! This Is How Viral Videos Are Made =)

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Kids being surprised with kittens may be one of the most amazing things found online. What could be better than seeing the moment their dreams are coming true?! We’re just happy their parents are willing to videotape these precious moments for us to share.

The newest video about to go viral was shared by our friend, foster extraordinaire, Dani The Cat Lady

Dani was happy to open her home to little Luna at the end of November 2018. 

Photo courtesy of Dani The Cat Lady

Luna had been at another foster home but was now the only remaining kitten.

She needed to be socialized and learn how to interact with other kittens. Dani’s home has plenty of them!!

Photo courtesy of Dani The Cat Lady

Luna was warmly welcomed by the entire family…human and furry alike. She bravely snuggled alongside the pups of the home, many times her size. 

Photo courtesy of Dani The Cat Lady

It was time for Luna to find her forever home though. But when she went to adoption events, she was overlooked! How is that possible? 

The sweet girl was like the thousands of other felines who wait for a special family to find them. The shelter or adoption events can be stressful, making the happy and lively cats shy. Their personalities can’t really shine during these times. 


When one woman named Leslie saw Luna, she fell in love with the happy and adorable kitten. She knew little Luna would be the PURRfect fit for her family. The lucky kitty would have human siblings and her very own dog friend. 

Better yet, on December 22nd, she knew the timing was just right to make Luna the best Christmas gift ever! 

Photo courtesy of Dani The Cat Lady

It’s safe to say her children were overjoyed with their gift! Luna will certainly have more love, and laps to snuggle on, than a kitten could ever dream of. 

Congrats to Luna, Dani The Cat Lady and Luna’s lucky new family!! 

WAIT!!! Grab a tissue first…<3

YOU GUYS GET OUT THE TISSUES FOR THIS ONE! So as you know Luna was adopted last weekend, but she was a surprise for the children of the family. Her new mom Leslie sent me the video of their reaction to finding out about Luna on Christmas Eve. This is too fricking cute, and admittedly it made me cry like a baby. Ellen DeGeneres Cats of Instagram #fosterwin #adoptdontshop #surprisekitten #fosterkitten #ellendegeneres #kitten #kittensofinstagram #catsofinstagram #christmas #christmaskitten #happyfamily #surprise

Posted by Dani The Cat Lady on Thursday, December 27, 2018


This isn’t the first time we’ve shared the amazing Dani The Cat Lady — and we’re certain it won’t be the last! <3 Check out these heartwarming “tails” and be sure to follow her on Instagram @danithecatlady!

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