Heartwarming Animated Video Of Girl And Her Feline Best Friend Is Leaving No Eyes Dry This Holiday Season

“Genie’s Christmas Wish”

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If ever anyone wanted proof that cats have emotions, the story of Evie Henderson and her best friend, feline Genie, would be it.

Their touching bond gave Evie the hope, comfort and the fighting power to overcome a fierce battle.

Screenshot: Video @TELEGRAPH.CO.UK

This holiday season, the UK based Cats Protection’s annual animated feature shares the tale of “Genie’s Christmas Wish”. 

WARNING! You WILL need a tissue for this one! <3 (see video at end of article)

In March of 2016, 11-year-old Evie was diagnosed with bone cancer.

She had begun feeling sick and after rigorous testing, was found to have osteosarcoma.

This type of bone cancer attacks the arms and legs, often the knee joints.

Photo: @www.lastampa.it

Over the next year, Evie had 6 rounds of chemotherapy and had to have numerous painful surgeries.

This kept her in the hospital for over 300 days in total!

What helped the brave young woman endure it all, was the bond with her beloved cat Genie.

Screenshot: Video @TELEGRAPH.CO.UK

From the hospital bed, Evie would longingly scroll through her iPad, gazing at photos and videos of the black-and-white feline.

A welcome distraction, Genie’s furry face helped make the long hours in the hospital bearable.

The separation wasn’t only heartbreaking for Evie, but Genie was feeling the loss as well.

Photo: Screenshot from YouTube “Genie’s Christmas Wish” by Cats Protection

As Evie spent more and more time away from home, Genie became more and more lonely.

The animated short film of their separation, tugs on the heartstrings with shocking reality.

How can we possibly explain to our furry family members that they are not being punished?

It’s not their fault their favorite human is no longer by their side. There is no way to give them hope that the situation is only temporary.

Photo: @www.bbc.com

Eve’s parents did everything they could to share their love with Genie, but it just wasn’t the same.

The then 8-year-old Genie, would stare at the empty bed of her human with longing and confusion in her eyes.

Where was her playmate, her coloring partner, her snuggler?! 

Photo: Screenshot from YouTube “Genie’s Christmas Wish” by Cats Protection

She would wander through the home in search of Evie, gazing out the windows in empty rooms.

With a light footstep echoed through the halls of the home, Genie would fill with hope.

As Evie’s face peered around the doorway, Genie would rush to her human with a love that will be cherished for all-time.

Photo: Screenshot from YouTube “Genie’s Christmas Wish” by Cats Protection

When the treatments had begun, the bond between the girls had only seemed to strengthen.

In an interview with BBC.com news, Evie shared touching moments between the two.

“It was very upsetting for me because I had long brown hair. But at the same time as it was spring, Genie was moulting as well so it was sort of like I’m losing my hair and Genie’s losing her hair as well so that eased the shock of it all.”

Photo: @www.holidogtimes.com

The hospital stays weren’t the only time Evie felt isolated from those she loved.

Through these times, little Genie was always there though.

“In the darkest of times when I’ve been really ill and felt like I’ve got no one around me, Genie comes in and I know I can talk to Genie about anything I want.”

“She puts me at ease and gives me great comfort.”

The love between Genie and Evie had been there from the moment they met. 

A cat woman from the time she was little, Evie was ecstatic when her family went to a rescue shelter to adopt a cat.

Photo: @www.express.co.uk

And there at Wood Green, The Animals Charity in Spalding, Genie was waiting for her forever family.

When they saw each other, it was love at first site.

Once an outside cat, the bond became so strong that Genie quickly became a house cat.

They never expected her to help save Evie’s life.

Photo: Screenshot from YouTube “Genie’s Christmas Wish” by Cats Protection

Now wonderfully in remission, Evie continues to go to weekly check-ups.

She still has a ways to go to be “fully” recovered, but Genie is by her side every step of the way.

There were never enough words or praise or treats they could give Genie to repay her.

They knew their beautiful story was one the family needed to share with the world.

In 2017, they proudly nominated Genie for the Cats Protection National Cat Awards.

The story of Genie and Evie’s bond rightfully earned her recognition as the “Outstanding Rescue Cat”.

Photo: 2017 National Cat Awards ~ Cat’s Protection

The ceremony did not end there though.

Genie was honored as the overall “Top Cat” winner for 2017!

Genie, the cancer-nursing cat, named Cat of The Year.

Genie has given her 11-year-old owner great comfort when she was "too ill to have friends round or go outside".

Posted by The Telegraph on Friday, August 4, 2017


With the utterly fabulous story earning a tiny bit of due credit, it seemed like there was more the organization could do though.

So for 2018, the animated film Genie’s Christmas wish”, was created by Rus Hudda.

His Instagram page describes him as “Illustrator, designer, comic artist and cat fan.”

With the hope that the film would show just how much our feline counterparts impact our lives, Rus was excited to work on the project.


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Here’s another #wip snippet from what I’m working on. . #eatsleepsniff #animation #cats

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Watch the film BELOW and you’ll surely agree, he absolutely captured their love purrfectly.

Please share the video and the unbelievable story of the touching friendship between a girl and her cat.

It may just inspire another to welcome a cat into their home and save their life.

Congratulations to Genie and many, many more years of good health to Evie and her best friend!

Photo: Screenshot from YouTube “Genie’s Christmas Wish” by Cats Protection


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