8 Male Celebrities Who Love Cats

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Any guy can like dogs, but it takes a real man to love cats. Obviously, we are huge fans of cats–especially crazy cat gents! It seems like dog dads get lots of attention these days in the media, but there are quite a few devoted cat dads who also happen to be celebrities–and they’re not shy about professing their love in favor of the feline kind.

Check out our fun list of 8 male celebrities who love cats. Meow!

1. Ricky Gervais

Many of us know Ricky Gervais for making us laugh, but what you may not know is that Ricky is also a huge advocate for animal welfare and the better treatment of animals.

And one thing is also certain, this is a man that truly adores cats. His own cat, Ollie, even has her very own Facebook page! A family of celebrities!

Check them out together here…clearly she’s got her daddy wrapped right around her pretty paw!

It seems that Ricky also has a few things to say about the very obvious differences between cats and dogs…

2. Ian Somerhalder

When Vampire Diaries alum isn’t busy making ladies swoon as a vampire, he’s busy being a devoted cat dad–and even attends cat-oriented events like CatCon!

The actor’s cat, Moke, was found while he shooting in Hawaii for the series, Lost, 14 years ago. And thanks to all the TLC, this fine cat dad provides her with, not to mention routine veterinary care (which he’s a huge advocate for), Moke is still kicking it today!

“I have detected things in [my cat] Moke that were early, that we were able to correct. Had they gone unnoticed or unchecked, they would’ve become very problematic and would’ve ended his life.”

If only every stray could be so lucky to find a cat dad like Ian! Did we mention he even founded the Ian Somerhalder Foundation which helps to aid in the assistance of spaying and neutering animals across the US? Swoon.

3. Morrissey

Nothing says you’re a bonafide cat lover, more than a page on the internet exclusively dedicated to you and your love for cats. Thankfully he’s another of the celebrities that has one!

Music artist Morrissey is a huge fan of cats and he’s proud of it. His Tumblr page, Morrissey with Cats, features–you guessed him!–himself with oodles of kitties. Me–ow!

4. Russell Brand

Actor and comedian Russell Brand is a self-professed cat lover, and he even named his cat after fellow cat lover Morrissey!

And when Russell’s not making us laugh with his acting and comedic chops, he’s busy making cat videos with his precious moggie, Morrissey. Take a look!


5. Macklemore

This doting cat papa credits his cute kitty, Cairo, for saving not only his relationship, but also his lifewhoa!

The day that Cairo came into the rapper’s life, he says, he felt that getting a cat was a calling that spoke to him. Only a few months after Cairo was brought into their home, the last of a barn litter of kittens he found off of a Craigslist ad, Macklemore’s wife became pregnant.

The demanding schedule of an artist can be hard on a relationship, and Macklemore credits Cairo for keeping his expectant wife company in leave of his absence.

“When Tricia was pregnant, Cairo would curl up on Tricia’s tummy at 6 a.m. every morning like clockwork and just chill on the baby. For hours.”‘


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Happy Sunday with my pops @macklemore

A post shared by @ cairothekat on

To reward her for her duties as a loyal companion, Cairo lives a pretty kush life full of cuddles and only the finest raw foods. So fancy!

6. Ed Sheeran

When this British ginger isn’t busy making melodies and playing sold-out shows, he’s at home playing cat dad to Calippo & Dorito!

Ed even started an Instagram account for his Scottish Fold and ginger tabby kitties, and the two of them have quite the impressive following–387k fans and counting! You can follow their daily antics @thewibbles. This is guy that is truly in love with the shape of kitties!


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Gonna miss the @thewibbles whilst I’m in the USA. Wib wib wib 📸 @zakarywalters

A post shared by Ed Sheeran (@teddysphotos) on

7. Norman Reedus

Many of us know Norman for his work on the Walking Dead, but when he’s not running from zombies he spends a lot of time frolicking with felines!

His black kitty, Eye in the Dark, is even his best friend. I mean, really, does it get any sweeter than that? Didn’t think so.

But wait, when asked by a fan what he’d be doing if he wasn’t preoccupied with acting, Norman claims, “he’d be living in a house in Montauk with about 12 cats walking around in a onesie.” Okay, so maybe not the onesie part, but the 12 cats sounds groovy!

Looks like cat man Norman has a great sense of humor to boot:


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“Ace”. me and u homie ❤️

A post shared by norman reedus (@bigbaldhead) on

Want to know more about Norman and his special cat? Follow Eye in the Dark on Twitter.

8. Jason Mraz

When he’s not busy crooning, Jason Mraz is loving on his kitty! He often shares photos of his cat, Holmes, on his Instagram page.

From the looks of the abundance of posts dedicated exclusively to him, I’d say Holmes is in very good hands.


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This holiday season I am grateful for family, fruit trees, and fur friends. #mrazfamilyfarms

A post shared by Jason Mraz (@jason_mraz) on

Jason is an advocate for the adopt don’t shop mentality, and if you didn’t already love that about him, you’d be tickled to know that he even makes career choices based off Holmes.

Rumor has it, he doesn’t like to be away from his cat for too long. AWW!


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Got any more crazy cat dad celebrities to add to our list? Share it with us in the comments!

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    So incredibly beautiful and sweet that these guys, and so many more, love all animals….especially kitties!! Love you!!💞🐱❤️🐱👍🏻

  2. Bobby Flay’s cat, Nacho Flay also has his own Instagram account. And Howard Stern is a great advocate for cats of which he owns 4 and is constantly fostering kittens and adult cats year round.

  3. Pitcher Sam Dyson of MLB has an adorable house panther named Snuckles, he is Snuckles47 on instagram. I like to think of his as Mr. Snuckles, because he is so dignified. This is a well traveled cat and like CAM he is leash trained. Unlike CAM Snuckles loves fashion and has an assortment of hats and bow-ties. He is adorable and he often raises money for good causes too.

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