A Month After Camp Fire, Lost Cat Restores Faith For Family Who Lost Everything

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For any cat owner, the thought of losing your precious feline friend is enough to bring you to tears.

Our cats are the centers of our universe, and we do our best as pet parents to keep them safe from harm.

For one lucky kitty who recently survived the Camp Fire in California, her parents refused to lose hope that they would see her again.

The Werblow family were forced to evacuate with mere moments to spare.

Sadly, they fled with nothing more than the shirts on their backs. 

Worse yet, the family could not locate their cat Timber ahead of the evacuation.

The feline was staying with relatives, who also later lost their home to the Camp Fire.

The city in which they lived, Paradise, is said to have been destroyed by a staggering 95% from the merciless flames.

It had been exactly one month to the date that the fire ravaged their home and the surrounding areas in Northern California.

Courtney Werblow felt the need to go back and and assess the situation again.

She hoped for a sign, something, anything.

She got that much-needed sign in the form of a beautiful little cream kitty, off in the distance just waiting to be seen by a familiar face.

Among a pile of burnt materials, and a home that once stood, there lurked Timber amidst the utter devastation.

Timber was alive and well!

The loyal kitty had the look in her eyes of a loved companion who wanted nothing more than to be reunited with her humans once again. 

A little fighter off in the distance, waiting like a shining ray of hope for a family that wanted a piece of their heart and home back.

And luckily for us, this beautifully touching reunion was caught on video:


For the Werblow family, finding their lost kitty, Timber, was so much more than just a blissful reunion for a family of four that lost everything.

It was a reminder that there is hope, good things to come, and endless joy knowing that their best cat friend was back in their life once more.

Despite losing everything, from their material possessions to their home, they remain positive and are eternally grateful to have Timber by their side once more.

A close family friend started a GoFund Me account in their honor, and donations have steadily been pouring in.

Please remember, Timber is one of the lucky kitties to have gotten her happy ending that she did.

There are still so many other animals that are not so fortunate and need your help getting them theirs.

If you’d like to find a way to help, Camp Fire Pet And Rescue Reunification is an excellent Facebook page dedicated to happy reunions for the lost pets of California’s Camp Fire.

Photo posted on Facebook Group – Camp Fire Pet Rescue and Reunification found feline 

Their team is working overtime to help lost and displaced pets to get the happy endings they deserve.

They say that good things come to those who wait, and sometimes in life, even better things come to those who never lose faith. 

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  1. I wonder how many tears this brought – certainly mine flowed – the love of a family’s pet is irreplaceable. I’m so very happy for this family.

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