Severely Injured Cat Wanders Into Home Through Pet Flap; That Mistake Saves His Life

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It was around 4:00 a.m. on Monday, April 23rd. Jeannette Walker was awakened by a noise coming from her bathroom–someone was in her house! Little did she know they’d easily slipped in through her pet flap. Brave but terrified, she tiptoed through the room and made her way into the dark unknown. The mysterious intruder seemed unconcerned at the ruckus they were making. Jeannette slowly reached around the door frame and flipped the light switch. What she saw startled her to the core. 

Photo: Facebook @FieldHaven

Instead of having to protect herself from an attacker, her intruder left his mark on her in another way.

From the glaring light of the bathroom, a battered and severely injured cat stared up at her. Here was the culprit who’d found his way through her “doggy door” or pet flap. The ginger boy was malnourished and covered in grease, oil and fleas. His broken-spirited eyes gleamed with a desperate lifesaving plea. 

Photo: Facebook @FieldHaven

But it was fate that brought him through her door and into her heart.

She vowed she’d stop at nothing to help this poor cat. She was afraid he would be euthanized at a shelter due to his apparent trauma. So she posted on a local lost and found pet Facebook page first. The unfortunately feline had a collar on, but no tags providing any info.

Photo: Facebook @FieldHaven

Her post caught the attention of FieldHaven Feline Center in Lincoln, California. They quickly arranged for Yuba County Animal Care Services to pick up the suffering feline. He would then be transferred to the experienced staff at Marysville Veterinary Hospital for an exam.

From the look and smell of the scruffy squatter, they believe that he may have climbed into a car engine.

He didn’t make it out unscathed when the engine was started though.

Photo: Facebook @FieldHaven

Not only was he very skinny, his jaw was badly broken. With the devastating injury, he likely hadn’t been able to eat. He would absolutely require surgery to survive. Surprising everyone, he never stopped purring despite the pain he was in.

Posted by FieldHaven Feline Center on Monday, April 23, 2018

At the veterinary hospital, they named him O’Malley.

He was given pain medication to help ease his discomfort. The filth was washed from his fur. His injuries didn’t stop him from devouring the food readily provided to him. 

If no owners had claimed him by that Friday, the decision was made to move forward with the procedure. He was not neutered so this would also be done while he was under anesthesia.

Photo: Facebook @FieldHaven

The vet hospital deeply discounted the cost of the surgery for them and FieldHaven began fundraising. 

Everyone who laid eyes on sweet O’Malley’s face was happy to help anyway they could.

By the very next day, they had raised over $2000.00 to cover his surgery!

O’Malley is resting comfortably. The staff is providing him with pain control, lots of soupy cat food, a warm bed and lots of love! The staff reports that he’s eating great and is loving all the attention he’s getting.

Photo: Facebook @FieldHaven

Your generosity is so incredible! Not only has O’Malley’s surgery been covered by your donations (estimated at $800), but with over $2,000 (so far) in donations we are able to establish the “O’Malley Fund”. The fund will help other animals at Yuba County Animal Care Services who are in need of medical intervention so they can become adoptable.

O’Malley would spend the next few days at the hospital to ensure he was on his way to a speedy recovery.

Photo: Facebook @FieldHaven

There was only a bit of expected swelling, but the procedure was an absolute success!

Photo: Facebook @FieldHaven

On the 30th, FieldHaven shared a heartwarming update with O’Malley’s growing fan base. He was happily discharged into a foster home who would provide him with the love and attention he needed to heal.

He’s doing great! Very social and eating like a champ! No appetite problems for this boy!

O'Malley has left the building….

O'Malley Has Left the Building

Posted by FieldHaven Feline Center on Friday, May 4, 2018

As the weeks went on, O’Malley’s foster mom Donna was happy to share his progress reports on the center’s Facebook page. 

May 2nd: “He’s doing great – eating ravenously. Every time he hears a can pop open he starts bellowing for food! We did find out today that he does not have a fondness for outdoors. We put him in the yard outside Buck’s Barn and he immediately wanted back in!”

Hello from O'Malley

O'Malley is just checking in with you all to say "hi"!He's doing great – eating ravenously. Every time he hears a can pop open he starts bellowing for food! We did find out today that he does not have a fondness for outdoors. We put him in the yard outside Buck's Barn and he immediately wanted back in!#SaveOMalley

Posted by FieldHaven Feline Center on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

May 30th: “O’Malley Update! Guess who stopped in for a checkup yesterday?? He is thriving with his foster mom, Donna. He is looking the picture of health!”

The wire holding his delicate jaw together was finally removed in June. 

O’Malley not only become an avid snuggler during his time in the foster home, but he’d found another passion. He had a part-time “gig” at a senior home because he provided free cuddles to the residents! 

Photo: Facebook @FieldHaven

His adoption fee had already been sponsored, but finding a fur-ever home was proving difficult! Could it be because originally O’Malley had “informed” his foster mom that he wanted to be an only kitty? 

Photo: Facebook @FieldHaven

Then on August 2nd, the pet flap cat apparently he changed his mind! 

“Just Kidding!”

That’s what O’Malley told us this week. He really does like other cats. It was his selfish side in wanting to have a human all to himself that had him telling us he didn’t want to live with other cats. Now he’s feeling guilty for making that statement and is coming clean. So, all of you who said you’d adopt him if he would get along with other cats…… We’re waiting to hear from you!

Photo: Facebook @FieldHaven

Just one week later, a wonderful woman crossed the centers threshold and changed both hers and O’Malley’s lives fur-ever. 

Photo: Facebook @FieldHaven

Tracy fell head over heels in love with the handsome ginger boy and happily accepted him into her life and home. Most importantly, she is a nurse and plans on continuing his new career as a purrfessional snuggler! 

Thank you to everyone involved in rehabilitating this little furry pet flap trespasser! 

Photo: Facebook @FieldHaven


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  1. OMGoodness poor baby!! I’m so glad he was rescued and adopted!! My little Loki was found in my neighbors car engine earlier this year. He was only 4 weeks old. He was dirty and scraggly looking. They were going to take him to the pound and I said no, give him to me and I’ll find him a home. Within 24 hours, I was in love. He found his furever home with me and his 2 big sisters Meeka and Zaya. He has gotten so big and is absolutely gorgeous!! He has since gotten a little brother. A Tuxie came to my door thin and hungry. I opened my door and he walked right on in. And his name is Tuxie!! LOL We have a YouTube page where you can see all 4 of my babies. Its called Furtastic Friends.
    And a hand full of rescued YouTube kitties are making a calendar featuring these rescued babies!! Proceeds go to the Humane Society!!

  2. This story is close to my heart. O’Malley was found in my bathroom that early morning. Not knowing what to do , FieldHaven stepped in and helped ralley the coimmunity together for donations to save this kitties life. Without the help of Fieldhaven feline center this little guy would if had a sad out come. I am now a volunteer with the organization and I continue to see the hard work and dedication they put forth to help all felines in need with in their commumity. FieldHaven has even started to help other counties to teach TNR and help other community cats. This organization deserves to be recognized for all the good they do.

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