Crazy Cat Man Never Gave Up On Rescuing One Small Kitten; What Happened Next Changed Their Lives

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Back in August of 2014, “Crazy Cat Man” Brad, saw a young Calico kitten abandoned at a children’s playground near his house.

Photo: Facebook @CrazyCatMan02 ~ How do you ignore this face?!

People had left out food and water for the feline, but no one had taken the next step in trapping the poor baby. The area sat next to a dangerous roadway and Brad dreaded the day the kitten wandered out of it’s “safe” zone.

He spent days visiting with the fluffy kitten, bringing food and water, just hoping it would become comfortable with his presence.

Each day the kitten would get about 20 or 30 feet from him, and then run just as he inched closer.

He never gave up though.

Deciding he needed another tactic, he placed the food and water in a more covered, secluded area in the nearby bushes. The kitten cautiously traveled to the inviting food and Brad was able to easily grab the baby! 

Better yet, the kitten was so comfortable and focusing on the food, that it didn’t try to run or escape. In the life of cat rescue, that is a pretty rare occurrence. 

By the time Brad had gotten back to his home just down the block, the kitten was playing, running and jumping all over him!

She showed no fear or threat to flee at all. 

Photos: Facebook @CrazyCatMan02 ~ April Daddy’s Girl

Brad knew right away he was meant to save the young soul. 

The adorable kitten, a girl he began calling April, was more than grateful after being rescued.

Brad planned to help April find a safe and loving home.

He already had a black and white, male Tuxedo cat named Sparta.

Photos: Facebook @CrazyCatMan02 ~ Sparta Cat

He hadn’t planned on more permanent cats after Sparta, as he had been fostering. But being a crazy cat man, he knew that when they choose you, you just go with the flow.

That is exactly what he told his Facebook friends had happened with Tom Cat, a grey Tabby who also chose Brad’s home for his own in 2013. 

“I never know who will show up for dinner…This young boy walked up from out of nowhere, meowing the whole time looking to eat…He had some goats milk and dry food, then disappeared as quickly as he came…I think he’ll be back”.

Photos: Facebook @CrazyCatMan02 ~ Tom Cat

And returned Tom did.

Fortunately Brad always has his camera ready, and caught this touching meeting between the boys. 

Tom Cat soon learned that indoor living was preferred and made him self at home. Brad was happy to have him the big boy. 

Tom Cat must believe in the “Paw It Furward” ideology because as SOON as April came into the home, the two were inseparable!

Photos: Facebook @CrazyCatMan02 ~ Tom and April Snuggling

They were found relaxing all over the place.

Photos: Facebook @CrazyCatMan02 ~ Tom and April Snuggling

April was always by Tom’s side, learning how to cat from the best.

It was then that Brad realized there was no way he could separate the two felines who had bonded so closely.

Photos: Facebook @CrazyCatMan02 ~ Tom and April Snuggling

Their connection was pure fate.

Photos: Facebook @CrazyCatMan02 ~ Tom and April Snuggling

April had easily won all their hearts with her silly and sweet nature. 

Photos: Facebook @CrazyCatMan02 ~ Silly April

Even Sparta Cat can’t resist some playtime or snuggles with his favorite new duo, not jealous in the least of their special relationship. 

Photos: Facebook @CrazyCatMan02 ~ Sparta snuggling with his siblings

Brad’s Facebook page is filled with daily, and nightly, wishes to the families followers.


They even recently starred in a video done by The Dodo that highlighted the special bond between the family. 

Photo: Facebook @CrazyCatMan02 ~ Adorable April

He told them, “It was the beginning of a beautiful life for both her and myself.”

WARNING: Heart-bursting moment of a choked up Brad recalling why he knew he needed to save April from life on the street. 

Remember to Adopt, Don’t Shop and Spay/Neuter!

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