Cat Missing For 9 Days Found Safe In A Most Perilous Pawsition!

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A man in Scotland was surprised to find a cat stuck behind the grille of his Hyundai SUV. He was even more shocked when he realized it was his daughters beloved cat who’d been missing for over a week!

On July 24th, Sharon Stirling began desperately posting on her Facebook page when her cat Jacob, went missing.

“Has anyone in the Onthank area seen my boy? He hasn’t been home since last night. =( He’s a really scared cat and won’t approach anyone. Plz contact me if anyone has seen him x”

Photo courtesy of Sharon Stirling

Sharon scoured her neighborhood, knocking on doors and hanging flyers in the hopes her cat would be found.

Her friends and family shared her post and offered encouraging support.

I’ve put it on missing pets, he’ll come back …. probs found a lady friend x”

Maybe locked in a hut as cats are so nosey, you’ll be beside your self will worry, he’ll be home soon xx”

Shared Sharon- keep positive that he will come through the door soon with a wee mouse for u x”

Her living nightmare continued for 9 days with no sign of her black and white fur-baby, Jacob. Sharon called vet offices and rescue centers but unfortunately Jacob was not micro-chipped. If he was picked up, without the microchip to scan, there would be no way to know if was him and to contact Sharon.

Photo courtesy of Sharon Stirling

Luckily Jacob was neutered so if he did find a “lady-friend” there wouldn’t be any babies from the encounter. Within the 7 years Sharon and Jacob had been together, the timid boy never spent a night outside of her home. This led her to believe that perhaps he had gotten into a nearby shed or garage and been locked in on accident.

By the end of July, Sharon’s Facebook posts were heartbreaking but she refused to give up.

That’s a week now ma gorgeous boy has been missing and I will keep posting until he comes home. I miss him so so much and want him home safe. Again can I please ask people to share this? Thanks so much & I really appreciate all the shares & everyone’s lovely comments. They’re a comfort to me while my boy’s missing. He went missing in the Onthank area of Kilmarnock xx”

Can I ask everyone to share please cause I am desperate to get my boy back and hug him like he’s never been hugged before!! xxx“

Photo courtesy of Sharon Stirling

9 days after Jacob had gone missing, the call came from her father, Alex. He had found the cat stuck behind the grille of his car!

Photo courtesy of Sharon Stirling

Sharon had borrowed the vehicle for a few days and on that fateful day, the feline must have climbed up into the car before returning it to her father. Little did he know that his toasty spot would take him on a harrowing journey!

Her father had not just gone about his usual routine during that time. He had actually driven 80-miles to visit a friend on the coast of Scotland…with Jacob aboard!


When the car was parked at his home however, the front grille faces a wall so seeing Jacob wouldn’t have been possible if the cat remained silent. Once they learned of the cat’s location, he did recall that he’d noticed other cats hanging around his driveway and SUV, which was out of the ordinary.


Fortunately when he was leaving the grocery store, he heard meowing coming from his car. Climbing under the car for a better look, he realized that he had a stow-away on board, but didn’t recognize Jacob at first.

He initially went to a local veterinarian to see if they could get the cat out but they couldn’t get to the trapped feline. During their efforts he realized just who the cat really was!

He called Sharon and driving VERY slowly and carefully, they met at a Hyundai dealership nearby. At first the technicians didn’t believe Alex until the car was up on the lifts as nothing like that had happened to them before. It took 4 technicians but they were able to remove the bumper and free a dirty Jacob in about 20 minutes.

Photo courtesy of Sharon Stirling

Neither of them could believe that Jacob was alive after what he’d been through!

They immediately took him to his vet and were shocked and over-joyed to learn that although he’d lost about 2 pounds and was dehydrated, the only injury he had was a bruised nose. They believe that he was able to survive by drinking rainwater that fell and had it been hotter weather, may not have been so lucky.

Now, Jacob is back home, safe and sound with Sharon being very closely monitored these days. She was sure to give him those promised hugs she worried she’d never have the chance to give. <3


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  1. Oh my Catness.. Our two boys are indoors only and if they went missing for a week I’d go crazy of worrying for them 🙁
    So happy he was found safe <3

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