2 Cats Rescued After Being Thrown Away Like Trash!

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A woman taking out her trash in Los Angeles heard something odd near the dumpster. As she moved closer to investigate, a garbage bag carelessly thrown on the ground suddenly moved!

Slowly, she untied the bag and found 2 cats inside!

Photos: spcaLA; (L) Dakota, (R) Noodles

She was shocked and appalled that someone would tie the felines up so that they were unable to escape, dooming them to a horrible fate. But on that fateful June day, the two cats were given a new chance at life.

She called Lynwood Animal Care who took the frightened cats to the spcaLA South Bay Pet Adoption Center in Hawthorne. The staff named the orange and white, female 4-year-old Tabby, Dakota. The other cat is a 1.5 to 2-year-old Siamese mixed male and he was named Noodles.

Photos: spcaLA; Dakota

Both cats were given full exams, flea treatments and vaccines. Dakota had been spayed already but Noodles was not neutered. Neither cat had any signs of injury or trauma thankfully and they were actually very loving to everyone helping rescue them.

This lead to the thought that they were someone’s pets and not feral or strays. That they were just thrown away like trash is absolutely heartbreaking.

“We will probably never know why someone would do such a vile thing,” said spcaLA President Madeline Bernstein. “It’s unconscionable to throw a live animal in the garbage like this. Luckily they were saved by a compassionate citizen.”

Photos: spcaLA; Noodles

But now they are both ready to find their fur-ever homes.

They were both involved in the HEAL, “Helping Enhance Animals’ Lives”, program at the spcaLA. This is an amazing program that helps shy shelter animals with their manners and confidence to show potential adopters their true personalities. It can be very difficult to allow the loving nature of the animals to shine when they are in a shelter, likely scared and still recovering from abuses or neglect they may have encountered.

These two lucky cats are happy to show adopters just how loving, trusting and playful they still are even after being horribly treated. Check out the cute video clips of Dakota they shared on their Instagram page!

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If you are interested in adopting the beautiful kitties, please visit the South Bay Pet Adoption Center at 12910 Yukon Avenue in Hawthorne or call 310-676-1149.


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  1. there needs to be better laws for this !!! people that abandon their animals should be as responsible as people that abandon their kids like this! it makes me so sick and i just rage with anger and pain inside when i hear this! people that do this need to go to prison !! and not for a month, but for years. someone that is capable of doing this is a danger to society. cruelty to animals is the number one initial sign of a killer. they have no conscious! they need to be removed from the planet as far as i’m concerned or lets do an eye for an eye. lets put them in a bag and throw them in the dumpster! i pray someone takes in these precious souls that deserve a life of love and caring!! thank you and bless you, whoever saved them.

    • Patricia, I totally agree. Generally, I don’t believe in an eye for an eye because Jesus gave us the command to love one another as I have loved you. But people who are cruel to animals are hurting creatures who cannot defend themselves. That makes it even worse, like cruelty to young children who cannot defend themselves. I’d be happy to flip the switch at an execution.
      I volunteer with a cat rescue group and we have had kittens come in that were found in dumpsters. It’s not just in one place. LA doesn’t have the corner on the market of cruel people. Dallas-Fort Worth has their share too.
      Thank goodness someone was there to see them move. Every time I see a box beside a highway I want to stop, especially if it’s sealed. People leave kittens to die that way, too.
      I take heart in knowing that they will get their “reward” in the next life. You and I won’t have to deal with people like that again.

  2. What are humans suppose to be. Do we want to live on Earth knowing there are many people out there like this. The only way I can personally keep living in this cruel world is to stay busy helping all the animals that pass my way. At present at work I have 2 lovely guys that I take care of. At home I have one inside spoiled little girl cat and outside 3 feral that I feed everyday. Lets all declare to put ourselves in the services of our precious animals.

  3. Of course I deeply agree with all your comments guys. Only mine would be much more radical and would risk to shock you out there! (just kidding)
    Animal welfare is my number one concern considering they can”t defend themselves against cruelty,. A huge thank you to the real human beings who make up for all the nastiness.

  4. People can be so very cruel. Why they do such things is beyond comprehension. They are both very beautiful kittys. I truly hate hearing stories like this. I sure hope these two find the loving homes they so deserve very quickly.

  5. I have my beautiful girl Hobo who was rescued from a dumpster at a school when I was working for a local veterinarian 16 years ago. We are still a team along with 2 others I acquired from people’s cruelty, all under 3 weeks old. I’d take those 2 kitties in a heartbeat if only I could get to them.

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