Kitten Discovered With Life-Threatening Injury; Survives Risky Surgery And Is Happily Thriving!

An 8 week old kitten named Benji is learning how to “cat” properly after suffering a tragedy early on in his short life.


In June, the handsome little boy was found by some children playing in the basement of their grandparents home in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Adults were quickly called to the scene and they discovered he had a shocking and severe wound.

Sadly and without too much graphic detail, the young fragile kitten’s front left leg and paw were “de-gloved”, exposing the bone. 

The homeowners thinks that the tiny boy, only 3 weeks old at that time, had fallen in through an open window, but no one is sure just how he injured himself so badly. The family has searched for any sign of a mother cat or siblings, but found none in the area so far.

Hurrying to the nearby MSPCA-Nevins Farm Adoption Center, the shocked rescuers had no idea what would happen to the young kitten, but knew they had to do something. The staff at the farm also refused to give up on the fur-baby.


At only 10 ounces though, to consider a serious medical procedure was a risky option. However, time was not on their side. The wound was not going to heal and allow Benji the time needed to regain his strength. If doctors did not act fast, the boy could lose his life.

So the decision was made to attempt the risky amputation of the limb. Pain medication and an IV were administered to give the strong willed kitten the best possible chance at surviving. Three days later, they performed the operation.

And Benji pulled through like a champ!

Photo: Screenshot video

He doesn’t know he’s necessarily different than any other cat and is learning new “catty” things every day, just like all 2 month old kittens.

The staff at MSPCA-Nevins Farm integrated Benji into their “Kitten Kindergarten” program. This will help teach him the very important milestones to become a well-adjusted adult cat. Classes include litter-box training, how to avoid aggressive playing and the acceptance of grooming habits such as nail-trimming and brushing his teeth.


So brave Benji lives each day with an open heart, a playful attitude and seeks lots of attention from his dedicated rescue team; all balanced on 3 adorable little tripod legs.

Benji is awaiting adoption, but it looks like there are already a few families eager to welcome this little cutie into their homes and hearts. He will be ready to go home over the next couple of weeks with the lucky family that is chosen.


The adoption center is a non-profit organization and could not have helped save Benji’s life without the help of volunteers and outside support. Their Angels for Animals fund covered the $1500.00 cost for his surgery, all through donations! Thankfully, because he was so young, it is unlikely that he will require additional surgery as he ages.

If you are interested in donating or adopting any of the other cats at the MSPCA-Nevins Farm, email or visit their website here

Benji has been getting plenty of well-deserved media attention and local newspaper The Eagle-Tribune shared an adorable video of the cute Benji on their website. Be sure to check it out!

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  1. What an awful thing for such a young sweet baby to endure. Thankfully he’s pulled through like a champ. Thanks to all for helping this sweet little baby.

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