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Blind Abandoned Kitten Finally Adopted; Hugs Her New Dad And Won’t Let Go

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A tiny orphaned kitten was found late last year by a caring citizen in Cape Town, South Africa. This poor stray was alone and sadly, born completely blind. She was brought to the Domestic Animal Rescue Group, or DARG, whose goal is to rescue, care for and help spay/neuter the unwanted and abandoned pets in the community.

Photo: Facebook DARG; Little June the blind kitty

Holly Gilbert-Jones is a volunteer with the organization who happily accepted the task of fostering the little girl in her home, naming her June.

Baby June wandered around, mapping out the layout of her new surroundings. Soon she was running up and down the length of the house like any other cat.

Just look at little LUCKY JUNE ? (our special blind kitten) who was recently adopted. This is her favourite game! So, so special… A big thank you to Holly who fostered this little miracle kitten for so long until she found her forever family ????#dargdays #adoptdontshop #happyhoming

Posted by DARG on Monday, April 2, 2018

Although June was reportedly an absolute love bug, she spent months with Holly while she waited for the purrfect family to adopt her. DARG posted the adorable little kittens photo and story on their Facebook pagehoping to find that family.

Because June is blind, there are a few restrictions that make finding her a fur-ever family a bit more difficult than with other cats.

Her new family should have previous experience homing a blind animal, so they knew what was best for her. She should not be around dogs at the suggestion of an animal behaviorist, but the brave little kitten would likely be okay with other cats as long as they were introduced properly.

Photo: Facebook DARG adoption wanted poster for June

But by March 2018, little blind June still hadn’t found a home.

Then engaged couple Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner saw June’s post on Facebook and knew she belonged with them. They applied to adopt her before they even met her in person!

Everything fit purrfectly and they were approved!!! When they finally picked her up on March 20th, it was an instant connection. Apparently June is quite a “daddy’s girl”. She immediately claimed her new dad by snuggling in his arms.

Photo: Facebook DARG; snuggling with her new daddy

During the car ride home, she even climbed up to his neck and refused to budge. 

Photo: Facebook DARG; shared by Dad Andrew Duff; the car ride home he is officially chosen

She did apparently have competition for this title though. The families 2 other cats Leia and Leeloo, took a bit more time to warm up to the fearless feline. After the first couple of weeks of “girl fights” which basically consisted of a lot of hissing and ignoring each others existence…the sisters caved and now the 3 of them are happily clicking and cuddling.

Photo: Facebook Andrew Duff; June officially “Daddy’s Girl”

One of June’s favorite things to do is go for walks on her new harness, enjoying nature. In April, the DARG team happily shared photos they’d received from her new parents of the brave girl on one of their outings.

Photo: Facebook DARG; fun out on walks

Beautiful June has been a blessing to their family. Learning how to explore the world through the blind kitten has made them re-evaluate how they see the world too. Always take a moment to “paws” and be grateful for every day you have <3

Please consider helping DARG and their organization in South Africa.

Cole and Marmalade’s dad “Cat Man Chris” Poole, was lucky enough to visit Cape Town last August too and helped out the animals and families caring for them who need our support! 

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