HAPPY UPDATES SERIES: See How Rescued Kittens Thomas J. and Little Thor Are Doing Now!

After all the amazing rescue stories we’ve been able to share with our fans, we at Cole and Marmalade decided to begin an “UPDATES” series for these lucky cats. Hopefully there will be many, many happy updates to share!

Our first stories are about 2 little kittens, carelessly tossed out of moving vehicles. They were both extremely lucky to have been rescued by amazing groups of people.

Remember Thomas J.?

Photo: Facebook Chesapeake Feline Association

The young black kitten was thrown from a car window off of a bridge!!! Crews from the Maryland Transportation Authority and local police were able to pull him from the cold water and save his life.

The heroes reunited to share the experience from their views. You can see little Thomas J. has everyone wrapped around his furry tail <3

Even better news was shared on the Chesapeake Feline Association Facebook page Monday. As soon as Thomas J. is ready for his fur-ever home in a few weeks, he already has a family waiting for him.

It just so happens to be with one of his rescuers! Congratulations to them all!

Photo: Facebook Chesapeake Feline Association; Thomas J meeting his new fur-ever family – Rescuer Darin, his wife Kathrine and his new human brother!

“Why is this picture of this family so special ??? Just as all our adoption pictures are special because our adopters rescue, adopt and don’t shop, this is just a little different. Thomas J will be going home in a few weeks and is still with his foster family growing, getting stronger and healthier.

Thomas J was “the kitten rescued on the Hatem Bridge”.

Darrin was one of his rescuers and fell in love with this little black kitten. What a great story they will share with their children in years to come! Welcome to our CFA family of adopters. Thank you everyone for your support of Thomas J including Cole and Marmalade that posted Thomas J story.”

Read Thomas J’s Original Story HERE. 

You may recall our “tale” of Little Thor, the kitten found on the highway.

Photo courtesy of Animal Outreach Society; Little Thor

This strong fighter had numerous injuries on his little face after being likely thrown from a vehicle. He was nearly run over by a semi truck when spotted by a commuter.

This good Samaritan bravely risked her life in the traffic to catch the frightened kitten and get him the help he needed to save his life. Little Thor had to have surgery to repair extensive damage to his lip, fought off a fever and was covered in ticks.

His last stitch was removed on Friday the 13th and the veterinarian is very happy with how his mouth is healing. He’ll be back for regular check-ups but he is gaining weight steadily and is successfully on the mend.

Thor is recovering in foster care through the Animal Outreach Humane Society in Illinois. Our friend Kathleen has the pleasure of helping this handsome boy learn what it’s like to be loved in the safety of a comfortable home.

He sure looks like he’s enjoying it! =)

Photos courtesy of Animal Outreach Society; Little Thor

Little Thor is reported to have a few silly quirks.

According to Kathleen, “Thor does not know how to meow, he just makes little screeching bird noises. Especially when he’s hungry and he is almost always hungry. LOL! When he walks around the house, he talks to himself. Thor runs like a bunny rabbit and hops up the carpeted stairs the same way.”

Photos Animal Outreach Society Foster Mom Kathleen, Thor Chillin’

Animal Outreach Society is now taking applications for Little Thor’s potential fur-ever family! If you are interested in giving this loving little boy a home, contact them here

Photo Animal Outreach Society Foster Mom Kathleen; Little Thor

Read Little Thor’s Original Story HERE!

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  1. Sometimes stepping one step out of our routine, forgetting for a moment we are in a hurry, may save a life. Or even many lives.
    Since “And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world..”

  2. It takes a kind heart to take the effort to help an innocent injured animal. Sometimes we must strive to give assistance to help the sick or injured no matter what the cost it takes. This is what makes these stories so great… when you see the results it is astonishing.

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