9 Cats And Kittens Rescued From Outdoor Storage Unit Just In Time!

Wednesday July 18th, the Humane Society of Greater Dayton received a startling anonymous tip. Concerned citizens discovered that cats were being kept in a local storage unit!

They sent one of their Humane Agents to investigate the claim and upon arriving at Great Value Storage, the smell of urine was overpowering, even outside the unit. However, they couldn’t legally enter without a search warrant.

Photos: www.whio.com

The dedicated Agent hurried to the courthouse to obtain the necessary documentation right away. Not long after, they were able to rescue 7 cats and 2 kittens from the inhumane conditions.

Temperatures were in the mid 80’s, and with no air circulation or acceptable amounts of drinking water and food in the outdoor storage unit, the cats were sadly left to suffer in the heat. They were being held in small crates and carriers, crowed together in the “housing”. The storage unit was jammed full of other household items.

Photo: www.wdtn.com

Thankfully all 9 felines were alive and removed safely from the storage unit, but no one knows how long they were trapped in the confined space.

They are all currently being treated and examined for any additional issues.

Photos: WDTN.com -Robert Morgan

The case is also being sent to the prosecutors office for possible charges and jail time could be a consideration. Ideally there is video footage at the storage facility and the owner can be charged for this heinous act. We can’t imagine a world in which this could be considered an “accident”. 

Photo: Humane Society of Greater Daytona; Cats being removed from unit

It’s up to US to say something if we see something! If it had not been for someone calling this in, these poor cats may never have been saved!

Photo: www.wdtn.com

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Thank you FUR your support!

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  1. I hope the jailers are found, tried and convicted of 9 counts of attempted murder. NO MORE treating animals as “property”! Sentence them to a week in an outdoor storage unit in extreme heat, so they know what those poor kitties faced and felt. Thank goodness the pussycats were found alive, and survived.

  2. I think that is so inhumane and cruel and a bunch of other names and all they had to do is take them to a shelter if they didn’t want to care for them. I’m so glad that someone called in and made a report of it and so thankful that they were saved, them poor darling kitties. That person is real lucky that they were all alive. Thank you so much for taking them to get real care. I hope that they get a forever home where they can be loved that they deserve. And lastly I hope that they put that person rots in jail for along time and throw the book at them and make them pay for what they put those kitties through. Thank you

    • A shelter or anyone who cared about the lives of the animals would NEVER keep them in these types of conditions =(

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