Mother Dog Fights Off Leopard Trying To Attack Her Young Pup!

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Just a relaxing evening for a mom and her young pup turned into something much more!

At a Forest Service office in northern India, a commotion caught the attention of the officer on duty. Venturing outside to investigate, he found the canine doting on her puppy who was nursing a few cuts and scrapes.

Not seeing anything amiss in the surrounding dense forest, he curiously viewed the security tapes to see what had actually happened.

He was utterly shocked at what he found!

A leopard had quietly approached the playing pup and pounced on the innocent dog thinking it would be an easy snack. Not so.

Momma dog leapt into action, attacking the ferocious big cat without a second thought! Likely more surprised than threatened, the leopard took off retreating back into the night.

Photo:; Himachal Pradesh Forest

With more than 55 thousand kilometers of forest in the Himachal Pradesh, the state has a great respect for the wildlife living here. The endangered snow leopard is actually the official state animal of Himachal. The government of Himachal has also declared 2 National Parks, 30 Wildlife Sanctuaries and 3 Conservation Reserves within the forests to protect and conserve the animals living within the region.

But this night, I can’t imagine anyone rooting for the big cat in this scenario!

The YouTube video is highlighted with a quote that couldn’t be more perfect. <3

“Even the fragile wren, the smallest of birds, will fight against the owl when it threatens her young ones in the nest.” Shakespeare, Macbeth.


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