How To Survive Working With Cats

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Many people dream of having the oppurrtunity to work from home. Leaving your fur-babies every morning and seeing the sad, judgmental and longing looks they give us are heartbreaking. But is working from home REALLY all it’s cracked up to be? Once you realize working with cats may be more diffurcult than you expected, these tips are certain to help you!

How To Survive Working With Cats! 

And here is for those of you who may need a reminder why you succumb daily to your furry co-workers demands. Or our supurrvisors so-to-speak. 

working with cats

So are you one of the “lucky ones” that gets to roll out of bed and don pajamas all day while removing a cat from your keyboard? Perhaps you have a more artsy job that your beloved feline would give anything to help you with?

Whatever your profession, I can guarantee you that every moment is worth it. But it’s not just those that work from home for their jobs. Because any daily tasks can be “enhanced” by your furry companions.

Many of our YouTube subscribers were sure to share their stories and advice with us! LOL 

The key to working with cats is keeping them off the keyboaqueik;a;oitnaionva; ~ Trish O’Connor
My husband, John, had called the IRS with a question. The IRS lady gave him a complicated answer. Then John said: “Could you repeat that? I’m old and I’m slow, and I have a cat on my head.” She just laughed, said she understood because she also had a cat, and gave him a simplified answer to his question. ~ Miss Dorothy

Cutting out patterns is the worst. Without fail, the light colored kitty will lay on the dark colored fabric and the dark colored kitty will lay on the light colored fabric. ~ MtnNerd


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