Firefighters Go Beyond The Call Of Duty To Rescue Kitten From Car Engine

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The daily commute to work is a regular occurrence for the majority of people in the world. This Tuesday morning however, brought a surprise for Arin Wagner of Henderson, Kentucky.



Pulling into the parking lot at her office around 7:00 am, Wagner stepped out of her car and was shocked to hear a kitten meowing loudly. Realizing it was coming from her very own car and not a nearby grass filled ditch, she called her husband.

Talking Arin through searching the engine for the kitten, the two realized that it had wedged itself between the engine compartment and the front of the car. This was not going to be something the couple could handle themselves.

As luck would have it, the local fire department is located just a building away from Arin’s work. She quickly sought out their assistance.



Sadly, this is not the first time the firemen have had to deploy a team to rescue a cat from a vehicle. Thankfully, they’ve been successful. 

As Wagner waited by her car for the rescuers, she was surprised to see the fire engine pull out of the station, complete with emergency flashing lights!

Laughing nervously as the situation for one tiny kitten grew to a full blown rescue, Arin questioned the need for the whole truck and light show. But the crew knew it was better to have all the tools that may be needed on hand and readily available. “Our tools are in it, we need it”, explained the team.



They could see the trapped kitten peeking through the vents in the car’s front bumper/engine compartment. This only made the situation more dire as the feline grew more scared, meowing loudly.


But with their skilled training and expertise, the 4 firefighters had the kitten extracted safely in a short 5 minutes! Even more relieving, the kitten was completely unharmed.

Wagner recalls the moment the furbaby was freed. “And then the kitten started to fall, and it was so cute, because they were all like, grab the cat!”


This automatic statement coming from 2 of the rescuers, who are actually allergic to cats, proves that cat men and heroes can come in all forms. Unfortunately none of them could take the cat home. The Wagner household is already full with 2 cats and 2 dogs, but the kitten was welcome to stay there until a permanent home was found.

The adorable little grey kitten didn’t have to wait for his furever home long though! The very next day, a friend of the family welcomed the furry survivor into their lives. No one is sure where the kitten started it’s journey, but now he has the chance to “work” on being adorable from home; no more commuting for this kitty!

Local news stations shared an adorable video of the story, complete with shots of the lucky baby out of harms way, enjoying life as a kitten should. 

Screenshot from video:

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