Uniquely Diagnosed Special Needs Cat Saved Just Before Euthanasia!

(With Updates!)

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Two senior cats were brought into a high-kill shelter in California towards the end of 2017. Unfortunately the assumed sibling duo tested positive for FIV. Fate was not smiling upon the pair.

FIV, or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, is a highly misunderstood disease in the cat community. Luckily, new information is being shared as much as possible to dispel the myths of cats diagnosed with this. For more information, check out this link – http://loveyourferalfelines.com/fiv-learn-all-about-it.

A small local shelter heard of the two cats and rushed to the shelter to save them from being falsely handled. Sadly, just before they arrived, the male was euthanized.

The team quickly rescued the female named Kaline from the same fate. She was brought to a loving foster family where she resided for 5 months. She was spayed but shockingly they discovered that she had NO teeth; none at all!

Love Your Feral Felines (LYFF) was contacted to see if they could assist with caring for the poor soul. Sweet Kaline would require medical treatment to verify the teeth hadn’t just ruptured, thorough blood work and to confirm her FIV+ diagnosis.

Many cats who are FIV+, including Marmalade from the Cole and Marmalade pair, live perfectly long healthy lives. Dental issues can be an ongoing problem for these felines though. A healthy diet and regular vet visits are required.

FIV+ Cats = Positively ADOPTABLE!

LYFF then realized that Kaline was also wheezing. She was stressed during the vet visit where she also seemed to be struggling during the blood draw. Further tests and an abdominal x-ray revealed more devastating news. Kalines heart seemed to be massively enlarged.

Extremely concerned for Kaline, they had a specialist perform a cardiac ultrasound. Kaline’s heart was not enlarged but it was discovered that she had a diaphragmatic hernia. Her liver was also SURROUNDING her heart! This shocked the entire crew who had quickly bonded with the furry sweetheart.

Due to Kaline’s conditions, her FIV and other slight ailments found in her blood work results, extensive surgery was very risky. She would need to have the hernia repaired and her organs placed back in their correct places. Her chance at surviving a surgery of this magnitude would be slim at best, with a extremely difficult recovery.

Admitting that these options were too risky, the painful acceptance of Kaline’s reality set in. Animal hospice would be her best chance to live in comfort for her remaining days.

A group of guardian angels then stepped in: Golden Hearts Sanctuary. This extraordinary sanctuary has given Kaline the love, home and life she deserves to have for as long as possible.

Kaline is surrounded by a caring family that understand the dedication and special care she requires. She is in no pain and will hopefully live many more years bringing joy to everyone she meets.

Golden Hearts Sanctuary is an incredible home for kitties deemed “broken” or “un-adoptable by society. These include fur-babies with cancer, disabilities, autoimmune diseases or old age ailments. They are given a safe place to thrive, just like beloved Kaline.

Update from her rescuer heroes: 

This is where she spends most of her day – in the outside cat tree with a view of everything! Kaline lives with our extra-special, special needs kitties, those who need extra sets of eyes watching them. They have an indoor room & covered yard – and she’s always outside!

She enjoys the sun wherever it shines & playing with her squeaky mouse toy. She gets winded easily so her playtime is short, but her sun naps are long!

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