Operation Catnip – Saving Community Cats

How To Spay & Neuter 200+ Feral Cats in ONE DAY!

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Operation Catnip, an organization based in Gainesville, FL, saves feline lives by setting the standard for large-scale spay-neuter and vaccination services for free-roaming cats. They’re dedicated to nourishing the relationship between communities and cats through accessible, compassionate, high-quality care and host FREE monthly spay/neuter clinics. Their hands-on, local program is now being modeled across the country through mentoring programs and veterinary training, so we can improve the lives of even more cats and the neighborhoods in which they live!

These large scale spay and neuter days are run like clockwork!

This amazing coalition is managed by local veterinarians and run completely by volunteers that include many selfless veterinary students and technicians on their days off. Since 1998, Operation Catnip has sterilized over 50,000 community cats in Gainesville!!! … Unfortunately since “kitten season” can be an issue year round in warmer states, the work this team does is non-stop.

So far in 2018, they’ve held 3 clinics and they’ve already fixed 563 cats!

During these precisely organized clinics, each cat passes through 16 stations where at least 75 volunteers perform specific duties to expedite the flow of cats and ensure the well being of all the felines involved.

Chris Poole from Cole and Marmalade, was invited to a clinic back in 2016 to assist and film exactly what goes on behind the scenes at these life-saving events.

It was a privilege to watch the staff, students and volunteers work so hard to spay and neuter 203 cats in one day! Their system ran like clockwork and I was very impressed with the organization, all the cats were treated with the best care possible and went back to their environments where they will no longer contribute to the growing population of feral cats.”

As a result of their tireless undertaking of TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) programs and continued education, they’ve reported a decrease in shelter admissions which reduces the number of community cats being unnecessarily euthanized and a lessened financial burden on the county. Win-win for all!

Find out more about the great work they do to help cats here: http://ocgainesville.org

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