Ball Pits for Cats and Kittens!

Make your own for hours of feline entertainment…

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In keeping with our desire to enrich the lives of the cats and kittens everywhere, what could be easier to make than a ball pit?!

You need 3 things: Large box, Balls, Fluffy, adorable fur-babies (any age will do)

Viola! Simple as that =) Now there are many variations and upgrades on this interactive playtime that you can also try. Trade up the box for a plastic children’s pool or craft an elaborate DIY box design like we did that allows humans to join in the fun. You can also use ping-pong balls for that extra “tigger bounce enhancer” or these large, colorful plastic balls.

Purrchase HERE!

Check out in the videos below what happened when we created a box ball pit for Cole and Marmalade which we later donated to one of our PAWSOME local shelters, Helping Paws, for their kitten room. Our other favorite was of the too cute kittens that we visited at Cat House On The Kings. They were a bit more hesitant with their gifted ball pit but you can’t argue that it wasn’t utterly adorable. <3

Whether you add dozens of balls or just a few to chase around, felines can’t resist a quick leap in the ball pit!

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