Bobcat Kitten “Shamrock” Rescued in Florida

Certainly her LUCKY day!

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Many people ask how Chris became so involved with cats in general and the answer is easy; Big Cat Rescue (BCR).

Big Cat Rescue, in Tampa, FL, is one of the largest accredited sanctuaries in the world dedicated to abused and abandoned big cats. They house over 80 big cats, most of whom have been abandoned, abused, orphaned, and rescued.

During his 6 years working at the sanctuary, he assisted with and witnessed many rescues of cats in need from all over the country. Unfortunately one of the most common requiring assistance, is the native Florida bobcat and the suffering they are experiencing as humans are encroaching into their natural habitat. Because of this, there are numerous Florida rescue groups that have stepped up to try to help save these cats in their times of need.

Chris releasing a rehabbed bobcat back into the wild!

On March 8th, 2018 the team at BCR received a call to assist in rescuing a bobcat who had been hit by a car near a town about an hour away. Another local re-habber, named Damen Hurd from Wildlife, Inc., luckily arrived first and was able to transport the bobcat to his vet located close by. The BCR team arrived shortly after and kept in contact with Damen throughout the nerve wracking waiting period for news on the poor bobcat.

Tragically, this bobcat passed away from his injuries around 2am while still in intensive care at the vet’s office.

While the team was speaking to Damen, they learned that he had another bobcat kitten in rehab at his facility. The kitten appeared to have been born approximately mid January 2018 and found, separated from her mother in early February by a group of people on Anna Maria Island. They called Wildlife, Inc. and the team searched for the mother unsuccessfully. The kitten was nursed back to health while a facility that would be able to rehab her fully was researched.

At this fortunate time, Big Cat Rescue was just about finished renovating their extensive rehab enclosures & runs within their spacious 67 acres of property. They also were working with 2 other bobcat kittens, Clover and Lucky, who would possibly be purrfect playmates for the kitten Damen was housing. They decided the best course of action would be to work together and move this new kitten to BCR for her final rehab before she could be released back into the wild.

The new kitten was named Shamrock and was transported to the sanctuary on March 13th, 2018. It’s such an important part of rescuing that you work with others that have the same end goals for these cats in getting them back to their native habitats safely.

On March 15th, Shamrock was moved outside into the first section of her rehab run. You can watch Shamrock live on a webcam 24/7 while she explores her safe surrounds during her rehab process.

If you would like to help support their Rehab efforts with these bobcats, and those in the future, here is a secure donation link

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