Cats & Toddlers: Is There A Difference?

They’re basically the same…examine the evidence for yourself!

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Anyone that has been around cats and toddlers may have noticed some similarities between the two. We are blessed enough to have a nephew and niece that were a”purr”oved to help us explore these theories and investigate the correlations between felines and toddlers. Liam and his younger sister, Elina have a blast staying over at Uncle Chris and Auntie JJ’s house with their furry cousins Cole and Marmalade. We’re still not sure WHO may be the primary influence (good or bad) on the other but it does make for fun times!

Here are our favorite similarities =) *Don’t worry, all parties were supervised during all playtime and no felines or toddlers were harmed in the making of these videos.

They’re both adorable: This may work against us but when the kids (4 legged or 2 legged) are cute as a button, they get away with many more shenanigans than we’d like to admit! Give either of them a box though and the cuteness is contained.

They make you laugh: Whether it’s goofball Elina playing up to the crowd or Marmalade in his favorite “dumpster” battling the lid, both will have you chuckling in no time.

Sharing is Caring: Those cat toys that may not have been such a bit hit with the kitties…It’s highly likely a toddler will love them! So far, we have determined that laser pointers, the Starchaser and kitty tunnels are all HUGE successes with both parties.

Negative habits are also universal: Whining until they get what they want seems to be a trait that all species have inherited…to our dismay.

Odd noises: Most parents will admit that their child, or cat, has it’s own unique language that only they understand. Sometimes, however, NO ONE can translate what comes out of their mouths!

Attitude “about-face”: The love that our fur-babies and toddlers alike show us, and each other, can turn on a dime; we’ve all experienced this. One minute it’s cuddles and snuggles, the next it’s attacking and play fighting like a boost of adrenaline hit them full force! Unfortunately cats do not respond to “time-out” as well as children do.

Finicky eaters: If you are lucky enough to have a child that doesn’t argue at every mealtime or a cat that doesn’t turn it’s nose up at you after you’ve purrchased that new, delicious, expensive food…you’re in the minority LOL

Messes: Thankfully toddlers eventually learn to clean up after themselves, we’re pretty sure that in this case, Marmalade was the bad influence behind Elina’s recent artistic endeavor. Although more likely, Uncle Chris was behind this escapade!

Self-Exploration: Unluckily for all of us, we’ve probably been witness to both toddlers and cats exploring and learning about their bodies shamelessly, publicly or privately.

Bathroom breaks: In this obvious example, toddlers may grow out of this need for assistance when cats do not, but oh boy do they make up for it with an outrageous pungency! Now we understand why there are separate containers on the market for both diapers and litter.

We’ll ALWAYS be there for both our cherished fur-babies and treasured relatives but we could NOT enjoy nap time any more than after a day of experimentation with the two species <3


Jess and Chris when they were kids, cat lovers from the start! 🙂

Check out the first time Cole and Marm met their cousin Liam back in 2013! Liam discovered (hilariously to us) that cat trees also double as toddler traps! 

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