Do You Share Your Bed With Your Cats?

…or better yet, do THEY share it with you?

As many of you may know, the domestic cat is what is known as crepuscular. This means that they are most active at dawn and dusk, something we’ve all likely experienced when getting ready for bed at night and during the wee morning hours when we’re woken up by a cat invading our personal space; usually RIGHT in the face!

We USED to keep our bedroom door closed at night but during a trip to England in 2013 when Chris was visiting his family, Jess caved and opened the flood gates from which we’ve never been able to return. We are fur-evermore an “open door policy” home when it comes to Cole and Marmalade and our sleeping routines.

Contrary to popular belief, Cole is actually quite the mama’s boy and sleeps next to or on top of Jess every night. Being a night owl, this works purrfectly for the two of them. While Chris snoozes just a foot away, they snuggle lovingly and enjoy reading a good book before it’s lights out.

Then the unexpected happened! In the fall of 2014 Jess flew to Illinois to visit her newborn niece for a week. Although the boys now have access to a full side of the bed, Coles favorite snuggle-buddy was no where to be found!!! After a few days, he reluctantly accepted that Chris would have to be his default snuggler.

He approached cautiously and low and behold realized that daddy was like a built in heating pad! He kneaded and pawed before flopping affectionately into Chris’s “nook”, exposed belly and purring contently. BONUS! They quickly learned to play the “no, those are MY earplugs” keep-away game.

Upon Jess’s return, she was quickly forgiven but Cole was, and has been happy ever since, to share the love of bedtime snuggles between both mom and dad.

Marmalade on the other hand…not so much of a nighttime nuzzler, but more of an a.m. “Marm-alarm”! Only since we’ve moved to the colder Illinois climate in 2016 has Marm decided that maybe, just maybe, a bit of toasty cuddles aren’t so bad after all <3

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Written by catmanchris

I'm owned by internet kitties Cole & Marmalade, I'm a lifelong cat fan and hope to continue to both entertain and educate with the videos I produce and the blog posts I create

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