EPIC Cat Castle!

A cat’s home is their castle, but in this realm, it’s a reality!

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Join Cole & Marmalade in their quest to conquer the flying invaders, capture the flag and rule the land with a furry paw!

Many people have asked for a how-to guide on building a cat castle. Here’s what we did to construct this medieval version =)

  • “I need boxes, lots of boxes!”. As usual, we collected different boxes while shopping or anything cardboard we thought would be interesting. We were also lucky in finding the cardboard barrel, which made a perfect castle tower!

  • We used masking tape to connect the boxes. Then we carefully cut out “escape” entrances where we thought the boys would enjoy running in and out of the castle.

  • BONUS here was a recent furniture purchase that included the 4 foot long “corner” cardboard protectors. Jess found that if you add a layer of cardboard down the center — -BOOM! A crossing bridge! To add even more textured, authentic look, we used Mod Podge to glue a layer of scrapbook “stone pebbles” paper.


  • Don’t forget to add a dungeon! Or as Marm decided, it made great sleeping chambers.

  • We gathered some brown paper packing material, crumbled it and re-flattened it, and glued/stapled that to the main structure. This really gave the castle a cool brick like texture.

    Packing Paper Maze!
    • IF USING STAPLES it is VERY important to take the time to ensure there are no sharp edges and after checking that we added extra tape OVER the staples on the inside for double protection.

  • Using non-toxic kid paints we used a sponge to paint the castle to add even more texture and some next level “moss”.

  • For the separate building we purchased some paper from a craft store with brick and wood patterns for the “building materials”. To top it off, we had a frayed edge beach mat that we then cut up for the purrfect thatch roofing! GOT TO LOVE UP-CYCLING <3

Thatched roof and capturing the flag!


Although Marmalade was successful in taking down the flying “threat” to the kingdom, ultimately Cole did capture the flag for victory! Congratulations to both furry warriors! <3

The Cat Dancer toy can be found here:

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