What Cats Do At Night…

…and are all size cats the same?

What DO cats do at night?! Ever wondered what your cats get up to under the cover of darkness and why you hear those strange noises at 3am? We decided to investigate “fur”ther but BEWARE, what we discovered in this footage is scary ADORABLE!

So, now you can see the video footage is ameowzing, but WHY are cats up all hours of the night?!

Cats are crepuscular, meaning that they are most active during the twilight hours of dawn and dusk, which is the prime hunting time in the wild. This is why many cats also exhibit this behavior in the early morning hours. Our mistake, we thought they were waking us up at dawn meowing for breakfast just for fun!

Here are some tips to help your cat’s average 18 HOURS OF SLEEP A DAY (so jealous!) fall in line with your own =)

  • Keep your cat as active as possible during the day. Find items are available to your cats while you’re not! An automatic laser pointer toy, catnip toys or even the basic box/bag are great meowtivation for an active lifestyle. Cat trees in front of windows also make the perfect Kitty TV channels. Don’t forget the classic fish tank distraction either! Perhaps you don’t have a window that has any good “channels”? Even a small (covered) tank will keep your feline’s attention for hours. Ideally these will all cutback on the “sleep all day, play all night” mentality.
  • Keeping to a consistent nighttime routine whenever possible. Prepare for bed around the same time every night; this will help your cat learn when it’s time to “chill out”.
  • Initiate rigorous playtime before bed. This can help tire your fur baby out and is always a great bonding experience.
  • Feed your cat right before you go to bed. What do most of us want to do after a large meal? SLEEP. Same goes for your cat. This COULD also lessen the chances you are woken up for an early a.m. feeding. Paws crossed!

If that video footage was intriguing to you, check out what kittens and big cats do at night!!!

What Kittens Do At Night…

What BIG Cats Do At Night…

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