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  • cat eats grass

    Science Says This Is The Real Reason Why Cats Eat Grass

    Your cat starts eating grass, and you know what happens next. If you’re lucky, your considerate kitty will aim for the laminate. For most of us, however, we end up grabbing the rubber gloves to clean cat puke off the carpet. It’s common knowledge that cats (and dogs, too) eat grass to make themselves throw […] More

  • Who is Smarter – Cats or Dogs?

    Managing Cole and Marmalade’s social media includes answering lots of messages and comments. One we frequently come across asks this question. Who is smarter, cats or dogs? We’ll TRY our best to keep our completely biased opinion out of this comparison. Wink.   Some studies state that the key to understanding differences between the two species […] More

  • Music for Cats!

    Yep you read that right… Someone has made music specifically for cats! David Teie an accomplished cellist began writing music for animals back in 2003 to demonstrate his universal theory of music: The idea that music taps directly into our emotional core by remixing the sounds that marinated our developing brains in the womb… Did you know […] More